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Additional Thoughts on Kent States Certificate of Supervision

Reflections on the Value of Frontline Leadership Training

Soon we will offer our proven certificate programs for your frontline leadership, Kent State's Certificate of Supervision. I asked some of our program facilitators to reflect on the value of this frontline leadership training.

[Amy Lane] Why should employers send their supervisors to this certificate training?

[Kent State facilitator Deborah Easton:]                

Most new supervisors have the technical ability to ensure that staff job assignments are completed, but few are prepared for dealing with the human interactions that are required in a supervisory role.  Kent State's Certificate of Supervision is designed to assist new supervisors in dealing with the soft skill competencies that are required in communicating, motivating and collaborating with employees.

[Kent State facilitator Ned Parks:]

Supervisors who are well-trained learn to be better leaders and communicate with their employees and colleagues more effectively. Highly trained employees feel more valued, therefore organizations will experience better retention rates.

[Amy Lane] What will employers' frontline leaders get out of our communication skills program?

[Kent State facilitator Deborah Easton:] 
In the Enhancing Interpersonal Communication Skills program, participants will learn to adapt to various communication styles, provide clear instruction, say "no" tactfully, yet assertively, listen effectively, respond to emotionally charged messages neutrally and by sticking to the issue.

[Amy Lane] What value will it add to these employers' organizations?

[Kent State facilitator Deborah Easton:] 
Enhanced communication skills of supervisors means fewer errors, less conflict and greater employee buy-in for new initiatives.

[Amy Lane] What will organizations' frontline leaders get out of our discipline and motivation programs?

[Kent State facilitator Scott Tackett:] 
In the Managing Positive Discipline program participants learn to approach the disciplinary procedure from a positive, not negative, perspective. We focus on how frontline leaders must remain firm, fair, and consistent. The supervisors develop skills to hold their subordinates accountable for their actions and focus on behaviors, not attitudes.

Motivation in the Workplace: As participants will learn in this program, it is NOT money that motivates employees, as many supervisors may think. We will discuss how to create a work environment that motivates each employee individually. Participants will focus on skills to engage their employees so that the employees will perform as expected for organizational success.

All of us who teach in Kent State's Certificate of Supervision bring to the participants' learning our experiences in the workplace. I've developed these two programs based on my 30+ years of experience in roles of maintenance employee, machine operator, supervisor, plant manager and human resource professional and Vice President.  We can relate to the work and challenges that these frontline leaders face every day and build our content to address the participants' real-world needs.

[Amy Lane]

Programs begin in mid-February. Visit our website for additional details and to register:

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