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Summertime Teaching Development Grant

Summer Teaching Development Grants

In support of excellence in education at Kent State University, the University Teaching Council (UTC) calls for proposals to the Summer Teaching Development Grant (STDG) program. This program is intended to enhance student learning by engaging faculty to significantly improve teaching methods, develop curricula, or create innovative course materials. The UTC seeks innovative proposals that address the university, college or departmental missions, including, but not limited to, proposals that address the LERs/Kent Core, distance learning, interdisciplinary courses, and experiential learning.  Proposals must address the Kent State Philosophy on Education that promotes knowledge, insight, engagement and responsibility. Preference will be given to projects that provide the greatest learning benefits to students.


Faculty may submit for Summer Teaching Development Grants in two amounts: $3,250 for a five-week period, and $6,500 for a ten-week period. In addition, collaborative proposals may split a $6,500 award. The grants serve as faculty salary, and recipients must agree not to accept any other teaching projects for the duration of the grant.

The grants are intended to fund the total cost of the proposed project. In cases of exceptional expense, the University Teaching Council may consider additional funds under the Teaching Conference or the Teaching Development Grants.


General Criteria

Advancing Teaching Excellence…The project needs to exceed normal course preparation, and it should either improve current pedagogical practices or introduce new pedagogical methods or materials that will significantly improve teaching and enhance student learning beyond a single course or single faculty member.

Applicability to Kent State University…Projects need to relate to teaching within the university, college or departmental missions. Preference will be given to proposals that provide the greatest benefit, directly or indirectly, to students at Kent State University.



All full- and part-time faculty members at any of the eight Kent State University campuses are eligible for a Summer Teaching Development Grant. Applicants working on collaborative projects must indicate whether they are splitting one award or requesting full awards for each collaborator, depending on the scope of the project. Last year's recipients of a Summer Teaching Development Grant are not eligible to apply for a grant this year.

Expectations of Grant Recipients

Each grant recipient is expected to:

  • Report results or their progress in writing to the University Teaching Council at the end of the summer (August 2013).
  • Make a presentation at the annual College Teaching Conference in the fall (October 2013).
  • Submit an assessment of the longer term impact of the project to the University Teaching Council (Spring 2014).
  • Participate with other grant recipients in workshops/discussion groups during the summer to discuss their experiences.


Proposals for Summer 2014 should be submitted online at (log-in and select "grants/awards") by Monday, March 3, 2014  at 5:00 pm.


Provide a general description of your project. 


Clearly state the goals of your project and define the audience to whom the project is addressed. Explain in detail how the project will enhance teaching excellence and demonstrate student learning. 


Explain who will be affected by the project and in what way. Describe its scope in terms of, for example, the number of students and/ or units affected (program, department/school, college, campus). 

Activities and Timeline:

Provide a step-by-step plan for completing your project, including a timeline for the 5-week or 10-week grant period. 

Communication Plan: 

Discuss ways you will communicate the results of your projects to others in the University and to professional colleagues. Will publishable results be derived from this project? Will presentations at professional meetings result? Recipients of this award are expected to present their findings at the annual UTC conference in the fall. 

Evaluation Plan: 

How will you evaluate the success of your project? Discuss specific plans and procedures for assessing the success of your project. Please bear in mind that this is over and above regular semester class evaluations. 

Professional Background:

Provide a description of your background and how it specifically relates to the goals of this project. Do not include your vita. 

If additional equipment or funds are necessary to complete this project, explain how you propose to obtain them? If you anticipate such additional funding needs, you may submit a Teaching Conference Grant request of a Teaching Development Grant request, in addition to this proposal. Any additional materials or funds required should be explained as thoroughly as possibly in the proposal.