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Web Image Tools & Specs

Specifications for Drupal

Feature Photo

 Featured Image  Drupal Small Feature Image
Large Feature Photo
Small Feature Photo

You will have two options for which type of feature photo you want displayed on your page.  Large (left) expands the entire width of the page.  Small (right) appears in the upper left corner of the page above the navigation.  For both the following is required:
  • Files must be less than 3 MB
  • Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg
  • Images must be larger than 1500px x 600px
Headshot for Profile
  • Files must be less than 3 MB.
  • Allowed file types include png, gif, jpg, and jpeg
  • Images must be 500px x 700px.

Information Graphics

The Information Graphics Library displays the various graphics that have already been created for use on Drupal.  if you require a different one to be created you can complete the Information Graphic Request Form

Specifications for CommonSpot
  • Files must be less than 10 MB.
  • Allowed file types includes png, gif, jpg, and jpeg. 
  • Image size are shown below each image type.
 Billboard image  Regional Home Page Highlights
 Landing Page/Large Billboard Image
761px x 305px
 Regional Campus Home Page Highlights
379px x 166px


 Right Sidebar Image


 Highlight Image
Right Side Bar Image
271px x (flexible)
 Highlight Thumbnail
70px x 70px
Headshot for Profile
  • 200px x 200 px
  • Allowed file types includes png, gif, jpg, and jpeg.



Web Image Tools

Images for the Web Workshop

Come to the Images for the Web Workshop for step-by-step instructions on how to prepare images for the Kent State website.

Free Image Editors

Photoshop isn't the only program that edits images. There are many free options for users of all degrees of tech savvy. These include:

  • Pixlr, the easiest-to-use online photo editing tool:
    • To reduce the quality (file size and load time) of your photo: Open your photo in Pixlr Editor and go to File > Save.  Set the quality to 80% (Good for most photos)
    • To reduce the dimensions (pixel size) of your photo:  Open your photo in Pixlr Editor and go to Image > Image Size.  Type in a pixel width or height.  The photo will resize proportionally.  Go to File > Save to save your photo to your computer.
    • Resize a Photo Using PixlrTo crop your photo to specific dimensions (for use in a CommonSpot gallery, sidebar, etc.): Open your photo in Pixlr editor and click the Crop tool (in the Tools bar on the left).  At the top under Constraint, choose Output size.  In the Width and Height boxes, enter the specific pixel dimensions to which you'd like to crop.  Finally, drag a box inside your photo to the area you'd like to crop to.  Anything outside of the box will be cropped out.  Press Enter to complete the crop.  Go to File > Save to save your photo to your computer.
  • GIMP, another free image editor for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Picture Manager, which comes with Microsoft Office and provides basic image manipulation. View the manual.
  • Paint.NET, a free editor for Windows. View the manual.