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Usage Guidelines Around KSU

  1. When referring to the university, avoid KSU. Spell out Kent State University in first reference, and then use Kent State in subsequent references. When university is used alone to mean Kent State University, it is in lowercase.
  2. Use "and" — avoid & (ampersand) — in names of Kent State programs, offices, schools and colleges.
  3. Replace all instances of Graduate Catalog or Undergraduate Catalog with just Catalog
  4. Eight-campus system NOT network

Department Name Changes

Watch for these updated names. Some instances of the old names still exist and should be updated.

Correct Outdated
Office of the General Counsel University Counsel
Center for Adult and Veteran Services Adult Services
Office of Student Conduct Judicial Affairs
Office of Corporate and Community Support Center for Corporate and Professional Development
Women's Center Women's Resource Center
University Facilities Management Office of Campus Environment and Operations
Office of Global Education Office of International Affairs
College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology College of Technology
Center for the Performing Arts Music and Speech Center

Building Names

Ritchie Hall Oscar Ritchie Hall (One-name policy for named halls)
Schwartz Center Michael Schwartz Center (One-name policy for named halls)
Lefton Esplanade Esplanade
McGilvrey Hall
(Frequently misspelled)
MACC Annex Gym Annex
University Library Main Library or Library (For the name of the building)
MAC Center MACC or M.A.C.C.
Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) SWRC (Note transposed letters)
University Auditorium in Cartwright Hall Cartwright Auditorium
Kiva KIVA (Note capitalization)

Statistics — Some Require Annual Updates

GLOBALLY recognized. NATIONALLY ranked. LOCALLY vital.

  • Programs, schools and colleges ranked among the world's best.
  • Northeast Ohio's first-choice public university
  • Ranked among the nation's top 74 public high-research universities — Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.
  • Generated more than $1.96 billion annually in added income to the Northeast Ohio economy.
  • More than 41,000 students (includes Regional Campuses)
  • More than 27,000 students at Kent Campus alone
  • 45 percent of classes have  20 or fewer students, and 90 percent have 50 or fewer
  • More than 300 student clubs and organizations
  • More than 214,000 alumni worldwide
  • More than 100 years (Kent State history)
  • More than 282 bachelor's degree programs

University Style and Associated Press Style

  1. Time treatment (does not include extra 00s):
    1. 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
    2. 8:15 a.m. – noon.
  2. Date/month treatment
    1. January 2010 (not abbreviated without a date)
    2. Jan.  15, Feb. 21, March, April, May, June, July, Aug. 22, Sept. 23, Oct. 31, Nov. 11, Dec. 12 (abbreviated with a date)
  3. Phone number treatment: xxx-xxx-xxxx (hyphens, not parentheses) – Note: You can use Siteimprove to locate phone numbers on your site
  4. Treatment of Kent State terminology and Spelling/Case
    1. Kent State ID number (not Banner ID)
    2. FlashLine user name (not FlashLine ID, user name, email ID, user ID)
    3. Kent State email addresses (not University email address, KSU email address, Kent email address, FlashLine address)
    4. FLASHcard (not FlashCard, Flashcard, FlashCARD)
    5. FlashLine (not Flashline or Flash Line
    6. Kent Core (not LER)
    7. website (not web site)
    8. KSUview
    9. FlashFest
    10. See You @ College
    11. Student Green
    12. Preview KSU!
  5. References
    1. University Guide to Style:
    2. Associated Press Quick View:

Quick Fixes

  1. Pages with too many Quick Links? Discuss with group what to cut, and then cut.
  2. "Click here" — don't use; links should contain clear language describing the resource being linked to.
  3. Links to helpdesk site should instead lead to