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Event Calendar Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed when submitting your calendar events. Some of these issues will be fixed by the UCM staff member while approving your event, but other issues may result in your event being rejected.

Events Only

Submissions for the calendar must be events with a definitive time/place that people can attend. No announcements, holidays, closings or things of that nature, please.

Active Accounts

We are limited to 50 accounts, so if someone in your department already has an account, please either have them submit your events or share one login. If an account goes unused for 6+ months, we’ll inactivate it. If you accidentally allow your account to lapse, you can contact web team to reactivate it. If you intend to use the calendar fewer than 10 times a year, we ask that you use the calendar event submission form in CommonSpot.

Calendar Step One

Event Name

Keep event names short (under 60 characters). To minimize the size of your headline, use ampersands instead of "and" and colons instead of dashes. Capitalize words as you would the title of a book or movie (e.g. The Bridge on the River Kwai). If the person approving your event determines that the event name is too long, they will truncate it.

If it is not apparent what your event is by the title, add a descriptor beforehand. For example, instead of saying "Labyrinth", say "Movie: Labyrinth".


Categories are used to populate RSS feeds on the website and FlashLine. Most feeds are comprised of multiple categories, so it’s best to just pick one category that most represents the event, however, you may tag multiple categories if you wish. Do not tag your event with an irrelevant category just to try and force it into a feed where it doesn’t belong.

Event Descriptions

Always use AP style and University Style when entering your event descriptions. Be especially mindful of the rules for time, (7 a.m., 7:15 a.m., noon, midnight), and dates, (Jan. 15, March 31), in AP style.

Don’t copy and paste information into the event description from Microsoft Word or another website. Doing this could interfere with the calendar’s style sheets. If you would like to paste information, first paste it into Notepad or save a document with a .txt extension.

Try to be as helpful as you can with your event description. Some people fill out all the forms, but don’t try to “sell” their events. Think of your calendar entry as a newspaper article. Other fields will take care of the When and Where, use this space to fill out the Who, What and Why. Here’s an example. What is this event about? Would anyone who sees this on the calendar be convinced to attend their event?

Images & Attachments

You may upload an image or document with your event. Images must be under 80k and 350 pixels wide or less. Attachments must be under 1 MB. If you need help resizing an image or document, contact the UCM webteam and they will assist you.


Do not enter a new “Location”, this label is reserved for the eight campuses. If you need to add a building to a campus, first select the campus in the drop down, then select “Add Building”.

Do not put checks by the campus, building and room, only check the room. Just checking the room will automatically check the campus and building. If you check all three, it will list the building twice and the campus three times.

If your event is off-campus, select both “Off-Campus” and the campus the event is associated with and then put more detailed location information in the Event Description. You need to tag a campus or your event will not appear in any feeds on the website or FlashLine.

Contact Information

If you are providing a phone number, please use the entire number, not just the campus extension, per university style. Also, uses dashes to separate the numbers, no paranthesis, (e.g., 330-672-2444).

FLASHperks Approval

FLASHperks is a student incentive program which allows students to earn gifts for attending events at Kent State. Only check the box in step 4 if the FLASHperks office has said that they will allow your event to be a FLASHperks event. Contact them before submitting the event to the calendar by email at If an event is submitted to the calendar as a FLASHperks event, it will be forwarded to the FLASHperks office for approval before it will be posted.