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Using the Text Editor

The calendar's Text Editor can be used to format your Event Descriptions. Please do not paste in copy from Microsoft Word as Word uses a mark up language that overwrites the calendar's styles.

Removing Code

If you notice something wrong with the layout of your text, there may be a problem with the code. There are a few ways to remove bad code.

1. Use the Remove Formatting button
On the right-side of the bottom row of the text editing icons, there is an eraser button. If you select your text and then press that button, it will remove the formatting on the text.
Remove Formatting

2. Use the Property Inspector
Like CommonSpot, the calendar offers a Property Inspector that will tell you what code is on the text when you select it. Just select the code, find the HTML tag in the Property Inspector and left click on HTML tag to find the option to remove it.
Property Inspector

3. Use the HTML Toggle
On the bottom left of the Text Editor, there is a button that you can use to toggle to the HTML to add or remove code.
HTML Toggle

The Icons

These are the icons in the Text Editor and what they do, listed from left to right by row.

Preview Preview - See what the Event Description will look like once it's been submitted.
Find Find - Search the Event Description for words or phrases and perform a replace function.
Spell Check Spell Check - Make sure the words in you Event Description are spelled correctly.
Cut Cut - Cuts text for pasting.
Copy Copy - Copies text for pasting.
Paste  Paste - Pastes cut or copied text.
Paste Plain Text  Paste Plain Text - Pastes text without code (formatting).
Paste Word  Paste Word - Pastes text copied from Word and removes web-unfriendly tags.
Delete Delete - Deletes text.
Undo  Undo - Will undo your most recent change.
Redo  Redo - Will redo a change that you have undone.
Help  Help - Explains the Text Editor options.
Break  Break - Inserts a line break.
Paragraph  Paragraph - Inserts a paragraph.
Special Characters  Special Characters - Insert a special character from a pre-defined list.
Bold  Bold - Bolds selected text.
Italics  Italic - Italicizes selected text
Underline  Underline - Underlines selected text
Right Justify Paragraph  Right Justify Paragraph - Aligns selected content to the right.
Center Paragraph  Center Paragraph - Centers selected content.
Left Justify Paragraph  Left Justify Paragraph - Aligns selected content to the left.
Full Justify Paragraph Justify Full Paragraph - Aligns both the right and left side.
Create Link  Link - Add a link to selected text.
Remove Link  Unlink - Remove a link from selected text.
Font Color  Text Color - Change the color of selected text.
Highlight Color  Highlight Text - Highlight selected text.
Numbered List  Numbered List - Insert a numbered list.
Bullet Points  Bulleted List - Insert a bulleted list.
Indent  Indent - Indent a paragraph.
Outdent Outdent - Outdent an indented paragraph.
Superscript  Superscript - Make selected text superscript.
Subscript Subscript - Make selected text subscript.
Strikethrough  Strike Through - Put a line through selected text.
Horizontal Rule  Horizontal Line - Add a horizontal line.
Remove Format  Remove Formatting - Removes formatting on selected text.