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TeleProductions Preserves Memories

Memories are often preserved using technology, but changes in technology can make it hard to keep those memories accessible. TeleProductions makes it easier to access precious memories by transferring the content on your old VHS tapes to DVDs. Master Control Operator Jason Forbes works on DVD/VHS conversion.

"The biggest reason to transfer content from VHS to DVD is that it's getting harder and harder to find VHS equipment as DVDs are taking over in the market. Converting your old VHS tapes to DVD will make it easier to watch cherished family memories in the future," Forbes said.

TeleProductions receives all kinds of videos to transfer, from historical videos to educational material. Home movies are also popular. People bring in movies of their kids growing up, family holiday gatherings, and vacations. The only thing that cannot be transferred is content protected by copyright laws.

"We might have a community member from the historical society drop off some old 16mm film of what life was like in Kent years ago that they would like to preserve and make available via DVD for people to view. We will also get teaching material that someone has recorded from their home VCR years ago, and now that the classrooms don't all necessarily have VHS players, they're getting the content moved to DVD," Forbes said.

Conversions take anywhere from one to two weeks to complete; though they sometimes can be finished even sooner. They usually cost around $10 for on campus clients and $15 for community members; however, each project is different. More accurate timeframes and prices are available once a project is dropped off.

Anyone interested in having conversion or duplication work done can call TeleProductions Master Control at (330) 672-1872.