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GED United Scholars - Minutes


GUS Meeting

June 1, 2010

Present:  Heidi Bauer, Jenifer Blankenship, Mindy Darrow, Nancy Auquilla de C., Jeannette J. Rodhe, Joshua Hamilton.

Absent:  Henry Hall

  • Proceedings:
  • ·         Introduction of students
  • ·         Issues with registration
  • ·         Use of web for communication, facebook, twitter, Kent state web site.
  • ·         It is necessary to change constitution of Gus organization.
  • ·         What is the vice president job?
  • ·         Newsletter
  • ·         Technology manager
  • ·         June 30 last day for Heidi Bauer
  • ·         Send to us one page calendar
  • ·         None officer member view
  • ·         Gus logo and phrase with G.E.D. "It's not where you were is what were you're going"
  • ·         Flier with logo
  • ·         For the future have an office but apply early
  • ·         Have web page, chat room, groups to chat with each other.
  • ·         Have poetry group again? schedule room, refreshments, bring author
  • ·         Couple months spend for one day event
  • ·         Save date for homecoming in October
  • ·         Think of a theme for the parade
  • ·         Look for space for the events in Kent
  • ·         Volunteer for the community
  • ·         How to pay for things? Some suggestions  are yard sale, community sale, church sale, spaghetti dinner
  • ·         When is the next meeting, in one month
  • ·         Take emptied ink cartridge and get money
  • ·         Ask people for donations
  • ·         We can go some place for next meeting because of nice weather, bring a cover dish, place will be announce.
  • ·         Next meeting  Tuesday July 13, 3:00 p.m.

Minutes by Nancy Auquilla de C.