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Frequently Asked Questions About GUS

1. What is the purpose of GUS? Our goal with this organization is to remove the negative stigma attached to earning a GED and bring awareness to the University and community that a GED is a credible alternative to a high school diploma.

2. Is GUS part of GED Scholars Initiative? Simply... No. GUS is a student organization through Kent State itself. Originally GUS was started with GED Scholars that participated in GED Scholars Initiative and recognized need for a student organization. Now GUS works with GED Scholars Initiative but we are a separate organization.

3. Do you have to have a GED to be in GUS? No, the organizations goal is to remove the negative stigma attached to earning a GED. You don't have to have one to support others that do! With that being said, there is a requirement that you have to be an active student at Kent State and/or previously graduated from Kent State.

4. Do/Can we get scholarships or other prizes by joining and taking part in GUS? GUS does not give out scholarships. However, if you have a GED feel free to contact Carrie White ( with GED Scholars Initiative about their available scholarships, but GUS does not give out scholarships. As for other prizes, we'd like to give prizes and we plan to as long as we have funds to do so. However, we don't want members who only come for prizes, we'd like you to come and participate because you want to, with the prizes as a bonus!

5. How often are meetings and for how long? We are planning on meeting once a month for about an hour, depending on how the members are participating we might meet more often.

6. What if I can't make a meeting? We have a wonderful secretary who will be taking minutes that will be posted online. When the minutes have been posted I'll let everyone know via email as to where to locate them!

7. What activities does GUS participate in? That is up to you! We want to hear every voice from every member... The sky's the limit!! In the past we have set up booths at different events on and off campus, we have done Egg Hunts for our members, we have participated in the Homecoming Parade, went to hockey and other games on campus, went to ice skating sessions as a group, along with other fun activities.

8. Are there dues and if so how much are they? Dues are set right now at $7.50 a semester. If you pay all at once in the FALL semester then it is $14 a year! If you can't afford the full $7.50 then the treasure can make up a payment plan with you at no additional charges.



Feel free to email GUS' president Sasha Wilson  with any other questions you might have