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Department of Sociology News

Department of Sociology: Achievements June 2011 – March 2012

Posted Mar. 27, 2012

Recent research activity conducted by Department of Sociology faculty members between June 2011 and March 2012 includes seven journal articles, one book chapter and two grants.    

Katrina Bloch (Stark)   

Bloch, Katrina and Tiffany Taylor. 2012. "Overworked or Underworked? Examining the Hours Mismatch for Women and Men in the United States." Sociological Spectrum 32(1) 37-60.

  • In this article, we add to the literature on feeling over- or underworked (hour mismatch) by examining the influence of work and family relationships; social stratification (occupation, education, financial stability); household labor (hours of housework and childcare); and attitudes toward paid and unpaid labor. Our findings indicate that hours spent on childcare affect men's hour mismatches, while hours spent on housework affect women's. In addition, we find that attitudes toward housework and paid labor play an important role in tempering perceptions of hour mismatches. Our findings illustrate the way that gender structures perceptions of ideal work hours and the ability to achieve them.  

Timothy Gallagher  

Gallagher, Timothy J. 2012.  "G.H. Mead's Understanding of the Nature of Speech in the Light of Contemporary Research."  Journal for the Theory of Social Behavior, 42(1): 40-62.   

Kristen Marcussen and Mary Gallagher   

Marcussen, Kristen and Mary Gallagher. NSF Doctoral Dissertation Enhancement Grant:  "Doctoral Dissertation Research: Sources of Psychological Distress among Adults." $8,759.   

Richard Serpe   

Serpe, Richard T. Telephone Survey of Incidence and Prevalence of Gambling Behaviors of Ohio Residents."  Funded by the Ohio Department of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services: $185,000   

Serpe, Richard T. and Sheldon Stryker. 2011. "The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective and Identity Theory." Pp 225-248 in Seth Schwartz, Koen Luyckx, and Viv Vignoles (eds) Handbook of Identity Theory and Research. London: Springer.   

Merolla, David M., Matthew O. Hunt and Richard T. Serpe. 2011. "Concentrated Disadvantage and Beliefs about the Causes of Poverty: A Multi-level Analysis." Sociological Perspectives. 54:205-227.   

Schultz, P. Wesley, Paul R. Hernandez, Anna Woodcock, Mica Estrada-Hollenbeck, Randie C. Chance,  Maria Aguilar, and Richard T. Serpe. 2011. "Patching the Pipeline: Reducing Educational Disparities in the Sciences through Minority Training Programs." Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis 33:95-114.    

Tiffany Taylor   

Taylor, Tiffany. 2011. "Re-examining Cultural Contradictions: Mothering Ideology and the Intersections of Class, Gender, and Race." Sociology Compass 5(10): 898-907.

  • I explore the ideologies of Hays (intensive mothering) and Rothman (mothering shaped by patriarchy, technology, and capitalism) in this paper, paying careful attention to the labor performed by mothers – paid, childcare, and reproductive. Finally, using surrogacy as an example of how these ideologies interact, I argue that Rothman's identifications of ideologies helps explain how the cultural contradictions of motherhood vary among mothers based on race and class.  
Taylor, Tiffany, Sarah Samblanet, and Elizabeth Seale. 2011. "The New "Lazy": Structure and Agency in Managers' Discussions of Welfare Participants' Motivation." Race, Gender & Class 18 (1-2): 171-188.
  • This study examines how welfare-to-work program managers make sense of failures to the organization goal of self-sufficiency. We argue that managers draw on race-neutral, but class-focused motivation rhetoric as a way to cope with, and make sense of, their highly constrained work environment in which they are constantly faced with failure.  
Buck, Alison, Elizabeth Seale, Jeffrey Leiter and Tiffany Taylor. 2011. "Differentiation and Integration of Inter-Organizational Networks for the Delivery of TANF Work First Services by Local DSS and Nonprofit Organizations in North Carolina." Administration in Social Work 35(5) 475-493.
  • Under Temporary Aid to Needy Families, county social service agencies determine how to work with government and nonprofit agencies to achieve "Work First" program goals. We use classical organizational theory to examine how levels of differentiation and integration in interorganizational relationships affect client outcomes. Our findings do not support classic organizational theory formulations, but suggest TANF participants benefit from the availability of a variety of services, options within a county, and from the coordination of those services.  
Jacobs, Michelle R. and Tiffany Taylor. (Forthcoming 2012). "Challenges of Multiracial Antiracist Activism: Racial Consciousness and Chief Wahoo." Critical Sociology.
  • We explore how white activists' racial identity struggles might disrupt effective antiracist action in multiracial organizations through the examination of the struggles of a small, multiracial antiracist organization that protests the Cleveland baseball franchise's "Indians" name and Chief Wahoo mascot. Borrowing from literature on white racism, white racial consciousness, and multiracial organizing, we illustrate the complex nature and potential pitfalls of multiracial alliances formed to protest racism in the United States.