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Careers & Employment Opportunities

The School of Library and Information Science is committed to helping our students succeed in their chosen career field. Below and on related pages and links you'll find numerous resources to help you find a position upon completion of your degree.


General Resources: Cover Letters, Resumes, Interviews and More

Cover Letters



  • Question Bank: Excellent list of interview questions from general to field specific.
Recommendation Letters
  • How to get a great letter of recommendation: Excellent resource for students about how to get good recommendation letters from faculty for either job applications or applying to grad school (i.e., Ph.D. programs; crystallizes what sort of groundwork students need to accomplish in order to get the kind of letter they need to stand out from the crowd of applicants.
  • Kent State University Career Services: Advice on what to include in letters, creating online portfolios and more

Job Search Tips, Dos and Don'ts

The three most important things you can do as you begin your job search, even if you are still a student, are the following:

1.  Sign up for the KSUSLIS listserv (which you probably already did when you started as a student), and watch it daily for job postings. 

  • From the account you wish to subscribe/unsubscribe, send an email message using the following information:

2.  Use the resources within your reach. Talk to your advisor about your goals, which you also may have done as a new student. But it doesn't hurt to talk to him/her again and to seek advice. And be sure to visit Kent State University’s Career Services Center to get more information on conducting a successful job search.

3.  Take advantage of networking opportunities. If you haven't already joined a professional association or student group, do it now. Not only do you get a student rate for membership, but also you will get wonderful opportunities to network with professionals in the field that interests you. In addition, SLIS often hosts guest speakers and alumni events, which also allow you to meet people who may be able to help you in your search.


Top 20 Dos of Successful Job Searching
  1. Do make a list of the top places in which you’re interested.

  2. Do send letters of interest to those top places.

  3. Do network, especially in professional organizations related to the field that interests you and in the top places you’d like to work.

  4. Do volunteer in organizations, libraries, schools or other places of employment that interest you, to gain experience while working on your degree.

  5. Do your practicum in the place you’d like to work one day.

  6. Do allow for flexibility on location, in and out of state.

  7. Do create a profile on LinkedIn (social network for professionals).

  8. Do maintain a professional and clean look on your Facebook or any other social networking site.

  9. Do an electronic and/or hardcopy portfolio and take it with you to an interview.

  10. Do research on the typical interview questions for your position. [See Sample Interview Questions.]

  11. Do explore highlights on the district/company/library and mention them in your cover letter and interview.

  12. Do bring your unique ideas (lesson units, integrating technology, etc.) with you to the interview.

  13. Do setup Google Alerts for the places you’re interested in. For example, if you put in Kent State the School of Library and Information Science, you’ll be alerted with the latest news about the school.  

  14. Do take a workshop or seek assistance with résumé building.

  15. Do attend career fairs!

  16. Do set up informational interviews.

  17. Do prepare for interviews by practicing (See Kent State University’s INTERVIEWSTREAM to practice your interviewing skills online.)

  18. Do review company websites.

  19. Always ask questions about the position. [See examples of interview questions to help you make a list of questions for yourself: ]

  20. Always follow up with a thank you note. [See “Follow up” on the Interviewing page on Career Services Center website.]

Top 10 Don’ts of Successful Job Searching

  1. Don’t wait for an advertised position.

  2. Don’t think that you’ll have the job when so-and-so leaves/retires.

  3. Don’t wait for a job to come to you.

  4. Don’t expect to stay in the same town or region.

  5. Don’t have inappropriate content on your Facebook or social networking site. Employers are checking these sites!

  6. Don’t ask about salary during an interview.

  7. Don’t dress unsuitably. [Kent State University’s Career Services Center offers tips on how to prepare for an interview, including tips on dressing for success.

  8. Don’t speak negatively about previous supervisors.

  9. Don’t talk about your personal life.

  10. Don't limit your search to only the "traditional" roles or positions. Some of the career opportunities you seek may not have the same job title at every company.