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Coeus: Sponsored Research Administration Application

Introducing...Coeus @ Kent State

Coeus is Kent State's new research and compliance, grant acquisition and management system (created by MIT), which was designed to simplify and streamline, award acquisition and administration for all offices within the University.  Request Coeus system access by emailing then log in with your Flashline ID and password at

Coeus has numerous modules which are being implemented in phases.  Sponsored Programs has used the proposal modules internally since 2009 and the award module since July, 2011. 


Coeus will be unavailable this Friday, April 4 as we apply updates to the system.  We expect the system to be down most of the day so please work with your contact in Sponsored Programs to be certain pending proposals are on track. 

After updates are applied, approvers should not experience any major changes in the electronic approval process.  However, the update does include some new features that may be of special interest to  Approvers and Investigators:

Yes/No Questions Reduced

The number of Yes/No Questions (YNQs) required for each proposal will be significantly reduced, as many questions relevant only to federal forms are moving to a new questionnaire while more general questions and those previously identified as important to approvers remain in the YNQ section.

New Smart Questionnaire only for S2S submissions to Federal Sponsors

Questions previously covered in YNQs for the purpose of completing federal forms in system-to-system (S2S) processing will move to a new questionnaire that will only be required when a proposal is being submitted S2S.  Your contact in Sponsored Programs will let you know when this questionnaire requires completion.

New Electronic Certification Process for All Involved Kent State Personnel on a Proposal 

The new proposal Certification process will look and act a bit differently but the questions themselves remain unchanged.   Kent State proposal persons will be prompted to Certify the proposal via email or they can enter the proposal and select a link from either the Proposal Summary or Investigator/Key Person screens. 

Each individual will be able to complete only his/her own certification within the system. If a situation arises when a person is unable to access the system, Sponsored Programs will be able to work with the individual in order to access an alternative process offline.


Key Persons Required to Complete Certification Prior to Routing


With this change, Key Persons will now need to complete Certification (which covers Conflict of Interest questions) before the proposal record can be routed for internal approval. This new process will allow us to eliminate paper Conflict of Interest forms at the proposal stage as all Kent State personnel, including Key Persons, will have the ability to complete these questions electronically. 


Other Coeus Updates

In addition to providing general enhancements and fixes, these updates will help us restore System-to-System functionality with updated formats for smoother processing of many federal submissions. 

Investigators may also notice a section in Coeus Lite labeled My Awards.  If you have awards active in the last few years, some data may be available here but please be aware that not all award information will be up to date as our office continues to work on getting this information in the system. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Sponsored Programs Office at 330-672-2070 or


Coeus Training Opportunities

Proposal Submission Timeline Revision

February 8, 2012 - Current university policy (3-04.101,D,7) states proposals must be routed for internal approval a minimum of 5 business days prior to the agency deadline.  If narrative proposal documents are revised during or after the internal approval process, all revised narratives must be finalized a minimum of two business days prior to the agency deadline.  This will allow sufficient time for Sponsored Programs to effectively review and finalize proposals for submission to sponsoring agencies. This policy has been revised to align with the Coeus electronic system and elimination of the error correction window by multiple agencies (NOT-OD-10-123).

Ready Set...APPROVE!

January 10, 2011 - Coeus Electronic Proposal Routing & Approval replaces the paper transmittal form.  Electronic approval is required for ALL PROPOSALS before submission to the sponsor.  If you were identified as an Approver, Alternate, or Administrative Grant Support Person for a unit (and have not already received Coeus Orientation) please contact for assistance, or use the resources below for proposal approval instruction:

User Access and Support

Proposal Approvers 

Proposal Creators, Investigators & Key Persons

Coeus Premium - (Sponsored Programs Administrators-internal use)

Coeus 4.5.1 P2 Upgrade Complete - April, 2014
The newest version of Coeus is now online at KSU.  Enhancements, fixes, new forms, and more were delivered in this release.


Need Coeus Access or Have Additional Questions?   E-mail: