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Specific Scheduling Parameters


Scheduling Parameters are CRN (section) specific parameters to be considered in scheduling This includes all information entered in the DCU

Component (Sections) and Enrollment
Component setup includes:

  • Section Number
  • Section Type
  • Max Enrollment
  • Banner Higher Education Information

component editing1
component editing2

Deliveries include dates, time patterns, location and instructor information.


Only one delivery per scheduling type should be created. Multiple deliveries will cause the meets to be scheduled multiple times. If a delivery within a section requires multiple rooms, create one delivery with multiple room requests.
 Multiple Rooms – Incorrect                   Timetable Result
 Delivery 01:
2x50 time pattern and CLAX room request
   Delivery 01:
MW 11:00-11:50 meets in CLAX ANX 222
 Delivery 02:
2x50 time pattern and LAB room request
                  Delivery 02:
TR 8:50-9:40 meets in room LAB ANX 333


 Multiple Rooms – Correct                   Timetable Result
 Delivery 01:
2x50 time pattern, one CLAX room request and one LAB room request
   Delivery 01:
MW 11:00-11:50 meets in rooms CLAX ANX 222 and LAB ANX 333

If multiple schedule types are requested, multiple deliveries should be used.

 Lecture and Lab - Correct                   Timetable Result
 LEC Delivery 01:
2x1:15 time pattern and LECX room request
   Delivery 01:
TR: 12:30 – 1:45 meets in room LECX CHH 011
 LAB Delivery 02:
1x3:00 time pattern and LAB room request
                  Delivery 02:
W: 11:00 – 2:00 meet in room LAB CHH 105

Proper Co-Scheduling is critical for an accurate Timetable. Make sure all deliveries that meet in the same room, at the same time, and with the same instructor are properly Co-Scheduled.  Improper Delivery creation and Co-Scheduling leads to undesired results in the timetable.

  • Instructor Schedule is affected
  • Room availability is affected
  • Time pattern subset selection is affected


 Delivery Group – Incorrect                   Timetable Result
 Delivery SUB 43333 001 01:
3x50 time pattern, CLAX room request, Instructor J. Smith
   Delivery SUB 43333 001 01:
MWF 11:00-11:50 meets in BOW 213, Instructor J. Smith
 Delivery SUB 53333 001 01:
3x50 time pattern, CLAX room request, Instructor J. Smith
                  Delivery SUB 53333 001 01:
MWR 7:45-8:35 meets in BOW 112, Instructor J. Smith
No Group Created    
 Delivery Group – Incorrect                   Timetable Result
 Delivery SUB 43333 001 01:
Enrollment 25, 3x50 time pattern, CLAX room request, Instructor J. Smith
   Delivery SUB 43333 001 01:
MWF 11:00-11:50 meets in BOW 213 – capacity 25, Instructor J. Smith
 Delivery SUB 53333 001 01:
Enrollment 10, no time pattern, no room request, Instructor J. Smith
                  Delivery SUB 53333 001 01:
No meets scheduled
No Group Created    
 Delivery Group – Correct                   Timetable Result
 Delivery SUB 43333 001 01:
Enrollment 25, 3x50 time pattern, CLAX room request, Instructor J. Smith
   Delivery SUB 43333 001 01
MWF 11:00-11:50 meets in BOW 217 – capacity 35, Instructor J. Smith
 Delivery SUB 53333 001 01:
Enrollment 10, 3x50 time pattern, CLAX room request, Instructor J. Smith
                  Delivery SUB 53333 001 01:
MWF 11:00-11:50 meets in BOW 217 – capacity 35, Instructor J. Smith
Co-Scheduled Group Created    


Time Requests

  • Select Pattern Request and then select the appropriate Time Pattern. Specific times and days are not entered.

Drop down menu


  • Make sure to double check the time patterns on existing deliveries
    • DCU data is rolled from the Fall 2011 database
    • Time patterns were updated in this database for forced times and EVE deliveries, but the cleanup may not have assigned the intended pattern
  • Check your time patterns by looking at the pattern subsets
    • Pattern file (Timeblocks – Final - Excel) is located on the ASC Timetabling Webpage:


Time Requirements Notes

  • Add time notes in the Time Requirements text box
    • Time notes are used to specify the structure and relationships of time requests, not to indicate specific times and days


  • Time notes should be specific and should include reasons for the requirement.
    • Always include the course numbers (if different) and the section numbers that are being referenced
    • Avoid vague verbiage – together, early, late, etc.
    • Do not note instructor availability (SPFS)
    • Do not note sections that must be conflict free (SPFS)
    • If no time is required (i.e. Web courses) do not enter a time pattern, no note required
 Time Note – Unclear                   Time Note – Better
Schedule sections in the morning
  Section 001 and 002 must be scheduled prior to 1:00pm because students prepare daily athletic reporting schedules
Daylight is required for this section
                 Schedule this section between the hours of 9am and 5:30pm because daylight is required
Instructor can only teach after 5 PM   No note needed – use an EVE pattern

Time requirements to consider – different time:

  • Same day(s)
  • Different day(s)
  • Day between meets
  • Lab after lecture
  • Back to back (B2B)
    • When requesting back to back, specify whether sections must be in specific order
 Time Note – Unclear                   Time Note – Better
Schedule lab after lecture
  Schedule this LAB after at least one meet of SUB 11031 001
Schedule MWF
                 Schedule 001 with at least one day between each mee
Schedule following other section   Schedule section 001 and 002 B2B with 001 first


Forced Times

Requests for forced scheduling will be considered on a limited basis

  • Submit times, but give clearly articulated reasons for the request in the time requirement note
  • Only approved forcible deliveries will be processed in the Timetable
  • Unapproved forced times will be converted to a standard time request

Guidelines for Forcing Days and Times:

  • Whenever possible the delivery must be forced on pattern
  • Whenever possible the delivery must not cross the time blocks
  • Whenever possible the delivery must start and/or end on pattern

Approved Forcible Deliveries
Non-Prime Time Deliveries

  • Any deliveries which occur outside of M-F 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on time pattern

Extended Deliveries

  • Any deliveries which last more than three hours may be forced

External Influence Deliveries

  • Deliveries with an external influence may be forced when the days and times are set for that delivery based on factors outside of the control of the university.  These include deliveries:
    • At foreign sites
    • In non-academic space such as Ice Arena or SWRC
    • Consortiums
    • Medical facility clinical experiences
    • Performance deliveries with public participation/audience
    • Coordinated across universities or primary/secondary school systems

Room Requests

  • All classrooms (AUDX, CLA, CLAX, LEC, LECX, SEM, SEMX) have been reviewed by the Classroom Review Committee
    • Exclusive usage of these room types has been communicated to approved departments
  • Exclusive and forced room types may be selected in the DCU.
    • Forced room types include: DIS, GYM, LAB, LBC, LBCX, STU, STUX, TEA, TEAX
  • If a specific schedulable room is needed for a section, enter a room requirements note


Room Requirement Notes

  • Room notes should be specific and should include the reason for the requirement
 Room Notes – Unclear                   Room Notes – Better
Schedule in ANX 0192
  This section must be scheduled in ANX because access to GYM is necessary for practical experience
Schedule in SFH 0113 after section 002
                 Schedule in same room as section 002 for professor mobility issues (also add B2B time note)


Assigned Instructor(s)

  • Assign an instructor to a class whenever possible
    • The assigned instructor allows the system to consider faculty scheduling parameters
    • Only assign instructors who are teaching the class (must be present for each class meeting)
      • Don’t assign coordinators who oversee many sections of a class
        • Sections must schedule conflict free for instructors
        • Sections must schedule according to instructor parameters

Unknown Instructor

  • A full time faculty member will be teaching the course, but it will be one of two professors who will be assigned the section at a later date
    • Assign both professors to the section in the DCU
    • The system will schedule the class at a time when both professors will be available to teach
    • During the feedback window, or after the schedule is transferred to Banner, the professor who is not assigned can be removed from the section
  • A section will be scheduled, but an adjunct professor who is only available in the evening will be assigned to the section at a later date
    • Select an EVE time pattern, the section will only be scheduled in the evening subsets
  • A section will be scheduled and an adjunct professor will be assigned to the section, since the instructor is unknown, the unavailability is unknown
    • Select the desired time pattern based on student needs or historic scheduling – if updates are necessary, they can be requested during the feedback window or after the schedule is transferred to Banner
  • Multiple sections will be scheduled, but one currently unknown instructor is expected to teach these sections
    • Create a TBA instructor in the DCU and specify the instructor type (i.e. DEPT_PT: Part time instructor)
    • Assign the TBA instructor to the created sections
    • This will force the system to schedule conflict free and according to parameters set in the professor type to create the best possible schedule for this to-be-named instructor

How To: Create TBA Instructors

  • Click on the Instructors tab


  • Select your department from the dropdown list.


  • Click on new


  • You will complete the GLOBAL section ONLY


  • Fill in a First and Last Name. If you do not know the name, enter something generic such as Last Name = ACCT, First Name = TBA1


  • Select an Instructor Type from the dropdown list. REMEMBER to select a type that is associated with your department so that the correct scheduling rules are applied!


  • Click Save.


  • You have just created a TBA instructor that is attached to your department and associated with your professor type!


  • Reminders
    • The system will automatically generate an ID for the TBA Instructor.
    • This process is only for instructors who are unknown and do not exist in Banner. TBA instructors should be used as a placeholder.
    • TBA Instructors will not be transferred back to Banner.
    • If an instructor exists in Banner but not in the DCU, contact the ASC to have the instructor added. DO NOT create a TBA for a real instructor.
    • Only complete the GLOBAL section when creating a new TBA. Do not attempt to submit unavailability (blockoffs) here; they will be deleted. Meetings and blockoffs will be entered and managed in the Section Planning and Feedback System.