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Travel FAQ


I have a Macintosh computer.  Can I still use TravelPort?

Yes For those users that have a new Intel Mac, they can load windows on the machine and then boot up in either Mac OSX or Windows.  If a user has an older Mac running OSX, they can load Virtual PC on the machine and then install Windows on that Virtual Partition.  All university owned computers are licensed for Microsoft Windows updates as well as Office, so there is no licensing issue.

Also, TravelPort is fully accessible on Mac computers via Netscape.  Users who do not have Netscape on their Macs, may download Netscape in order to access TravelPort whenever desired.

What are the approval processes for travel booked through Traveline?

There is an approval process for employees who request a user ID on the TravelPort system.  Only Kent State employees will be provided with a user ID to access to the KSU TravelPort website.  Once approved as a Kent State traveler, the employee’s user ID will be activated and they can book airline tickets that will be charged to the ghost card.   Departments will need to review all airline charges paid by the ghost card in the same way they review charges on the department purchasing card.  Like all department expenses, travel expenses should be reconciled monthly to verify that the charges are approved and appropriate.  Procurement/Payments will provide the designated FRS manager with a monthly report that contains the details of the airline charges (such as traveler’s name, date of travel, and destination).

How does a university traveler pay for rental cars and hotels?

University travelers must use a personal credit card for payment of rental cars and hotels. However, the university’s “ghost card”, which is used to pay for airfare, may also be used to hold/reserve rental cars and hotels prior to payment.

If someone from outside the university is visiting KSU, and the university normally pays for this expense, how will this be affected?

The department is encouraged to book visitors through KSU Travel Services when the department is arranging and paying for the travel.

Is there an approval process prior to the purchase of airfare?

Approval hierarchies vary greatly among departments, but for KSU Travel Services, only valid KSU employees will be authorized to use it, and no other approval is required.

Do we have to use local hotels for incoming guest speakers?

If you have special arrangements with a specific hotel, we need to let KSU Travel Services know so that they can update its records to include this information.  KSU Travel Services needs to develop these rates into its system to ensure that accurate history of expenses is captured.

If a visitor comes to the university, made his/her own arrangements, and paid for the travel, what is the procedure for reimbursement?

If the visitor opts to prepay themselves, repayment will be done using a check request.

If a department is responsible for all the logistics of planning a meeting, do we have to go through Traveline?

Among Traveline’s many specialties is the ability to plan the full logistics of any meeting or gathering, regardless of size.  Departments are strongly encouraged to consult with Traveline to help in the planning of such events, particularly if it involves travel.

Can you define “exclusive contract”?

An exclusive contract is a deliberate agreement between two competent persons or entities to perform or not to perform a specific act or acts to the exclusion of others who have demonstrated similar ability, but by evaluation against agreed-upon standards were not selected for contract award.  Exclusive contracts also carry an obligation for both parties to fulfill the terms of their mutual relationship, again to the exclusion of other parties who are not a part of the contract.

Can Traveline beat government rates?  If they can’t, can I take advantage of the government rates without using Traveline?

Traveline is able to load the government rates which the university is eligible to use into their system.

If travel is to be prepaid, can an employee choose to use their own credit card and submit for reimbursement?

The ghost card will be used with Traveline for airfare, and the traveler’s department will be charged.  There may be rare special circumstances, however in which exceptions to this rule may have to be made, but such occurrences will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Is password protected?

Yes.  All employees will be required to complete a profile which includes passwords.

Will have the ability to charge multiple accounts?

No.  Interdepartmental charges (IDC) will have to be done to charge multiple accounts.

What are the fees for using KSU Travel Services?

Transaction fee are $25 International reservation / $20 Domestic reservation / $10 TravelPort.

If a change needs to be made to a reservation, what is the fee?  If for some reason a reservation needs to be changed to an earlier or later time, is there a fee?

Itinerary Change: A reservation that is changed that does not require a new ticket to be printed will not be charged an additional transaction fee.  Exchanged Ticket: (reused, reissued) A penalty or non-penalty ticket that is issued and the original itinerary is changed at the customers request will be charged a second transaction fee.

What happens if my flight is cancelled and other arrangements need to be made?  Will there be additional fees?

Traveline will accommodate your needs with no additional fees.

Can Traveline provide cultural seminars that would help those employees traveling abroad?

Yes, it can.  Traveline’s service would be to counsel on the conditions of the region you are traveling to, e.g., weather, health issues, safety, etc., and can provide additional information ort sources of information for further research on you destination abroad.

If our department is planning an international trip that includes students and faculty, how can Traveline help?

Traveline can put a session together to talk to the group and/or counselors.  They will help make all travel arrangements.  Traveline is not limited to servicing the departments.  Personal travel arrangements can be made for faculty, staff and students.  Students and staff can take advantage of the University rates and pay with their personal credit card.

Can I be reimbursed for meals if my trip does not include an overnight stay?

In accordance with University Policy 3342-7-13, and per IRS regulations, business travel completed without an overnight stay is not eligible for a per diem meal reimbursement.

Can I use a credit card statement as a receipt or use photocopies of my receipt when I request reimbursement?

In accordance with University Policy 3342-7-13, only original receipts are acceptable as evidence of the expense for which the traveler is requesting reimbursement.  Credit card statements and photocopies are not acceptable.

I lost one of the receipts from my trip. Is there any way to be reimbursed without a receipt?

In accordance with University Policy 3342-7-13, only original receipts are acceptable as evidence of the expense for which the traveler is requesting reimbursement.  Credit card statements and photocopies are not acceptable.

Who do I contact at Traveline?

Traveline Contact Information:

Cliqbook Online Booking Tool
Replaces Travel Port online booking needs.>

Corporate Location:

Traveline Travel Agency
8434 Mentor Avenue
Mentor, Ohio 44060
888-740-8747 (TRIP)
Fax Number: 440-602-8099

Emergency Services and Corporate Travel Center:

888-740-8747 (TRIP)
24 hours a day 7 days a week

Leisure Travel Services:

440-946-4040–Cleveland Local
888-700-8747 (TRIP)
440-602-8020–Cleveland Local