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Kevin D. McKinzie

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Aristotle 

B.S. Applied Economics, Rochester Institute of Technology

MBA, Arizona State University 

Dissertation: Neo-pluralist theory applied to mobilization of urban neighborhood associations

My research deals in applied urban politics focusing on ground level urban renewal. Desiccated urban neighborhoods struggle to secure the private and public investment needed to bring them back to their former glory. Once an urban neighborhood has risen to a modicum of habitability investment is easier to find. But at the ground level, when abandoned buildings, vacant lots, and street crime mar these environments, neighborhood associations may find it difficult to engage investors and city urban development principals. My research, applying neo-pluralist theory to urban neighborhood association mobilization, identifies factors that can predict and monetize the return on investment of promising urban environments that may appear hopeless at the ground level. Using my model neighborhood associations can approach private investors and urban development principals with hard data providing compelling proof of their neighborhood’s potential. Curtiss Porter, Director of Neighborhood Initiatives and Education for the Peduto Administration in Pittsburgh, hails my research as “Absolutely fantastic.”

When I am not doing research on urban politics I teach courses in American Politics, U.S. Presidency, Congress, Public Opinion, Social Movements, and International Political Economy. I teach applied political theory and Aristotelian Rhetoric in all of my classes. I believe in giving my students the tools to succeed. Working as an accountant, logistics manager, and marketing manager in the private and public sectors I found applied theory to be absolutely essential to success. This is a lesson I am trying to pass on to my students.

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

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