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Aroon Manoharan

Assistant Professor

Aroon Manoharan is an assistant professor of public administration. He received his Ph.D. from the School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University-Newark and MPA from Kansas State University. His primary research interest is in the use of information technology in government and politics with particular attention to e-governance in local governments. He is also interested in strategic planning, public performance reporting and public management.

As Associate Director of the E-Governance Institute at Rutgers-Newark, he directed major initiatives including the implementation of the Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide Surveys, which evaluated the e-governance performance at the municipal level globally. He also directed the U.S. States E-Governance Survey and U.S. Municipalities E-Governance Survey. As Senior Research Associate of the National Center for Public Performance, he assessed the performance reporting strategies of transit and parks agencies and related public advocacy groups. He is a recipient of the John Carlin Scholarship in Public Administration, and is a member of Pi Alpha Alpha, National Honor Society for Public Administration

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities
  • “Digital Governance Success Factors and Barriers to Success in Prague,” journal article accepted for publication in International Journal of Organizational Theory and Behavior, 2012.
  • “E-Governance and Civic Engagement: Factors and Determinants of E-Democracy,” Edited Book with Holzer, M. IGI Global, 2011.
  • “The New York Straphangers Campaign,” in Bromberg, D. (Ed) Citizen Driven Government Performance, National Center for Public Performance, 2011.
  • “An Examination of Global Municipal Privacy and Security Policies,” with Fudge, M., in Papadopoulos, T. & Kanellis, P (Eds.) Public Sector Reform Using Information Technologies: Transforming Policy into Practice, IGI Global, 2011.
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  • “Digital Governance World Wide: An Analysis of Worldwide Municipalities Between 2003 and 2007,” with Calista, D., Melitski, J. and Holzer, M. International Journal of Public Administration, 2010, Vol. 33, No. 12 & 13, 588-600. 
  • "Global Cities on the Web: An Empirical Typology of Municipal Websites," with Holzer, M., & Van Ryzin, G. International Public Management Review, 2010, Vol. 11, No. 3, 104-121.
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  • Report on U.S. States E-Governance Survey 2008: Findings of a national level e-governance survey covering all 50 states in the United States, with Holzer, M., Shick, R. and Stowers, G., 2009.
  • Report on U.S.Municipalities E-Governance Survey 2008: Findings of a national level e-governance survey covering the largest municipalitiesin the United States, with Holzer, M., Shick, R. and Stowers, G., 2009.
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  • “United Nations Conferences and the Legitimization of Environmental NGOs,” with Kyle Farmbry in Khi V. Thai, D. Rahm and J.D. Coggbum (Eds.) Handbook of Globalization and the Environment. CRC Publishing, 2006.
Aroon Manoharan
Department of Political Science

TR 10:30 - 01:00 pm

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