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6 -15.1

Administrative policy regarding graduate faculty

(A)       Each department shall form a graduate faculty committee selected from its present full members of the graduate faculty. It may be desirable for this committee to be the graduate studies committee to the department. This committee shall evaluate its departmental faculty for graduate faculty status and forward its recommendations to the appropriate graduate dean for approval. Recommendations for graduate faculty status shall be based on the following criteria.


(B)       Criteria for full membership on graduate faculty.


(1)       Possession of the terminal degree which is appropriate to the discipline. In most departments this is the doctorate. In some instances, such as the case of an outstanding artist, musical performer, or other specialist, achievement which has received regional, national, or international recognition in the discipline may take the place of the terminal degree.


(2)       Scholarly or creative activity resulting in publications or other recognition of distinction.


(a)       In most academic departments this should be interpreted to mean substantial publication of scholarly research during the past five years. In rare instances, and with great caution, the publication requirement may be waived for senior faculty members who have a distinguished record of thesis direction. Publication should not normally be expected for full graduate faculty membership of faculty who are in artistic and performing fields. This is not meant to exclude the scholarly areas in the fine arts such as art history, music history, musicology, music education, music theory, and history of the theater, all of which should be viewed as typical academic departments in which publication is the usual form of scholarly achievement.


(b)       For faculty members whose primary responsibility is the teaching of artistic performance such as musicians, actors, and dancers, the appropriate productivity would be continued professional activity in their performing field. This activity should receive significant regional, national, or international recognition by such demonstrations as invitations to perform and favorable critical notice. Local or on-campus performances should not be counted.


(c)        For faculty members in the fine arts whose primary responsibility is the teaching of a craft which the objects is to produce a work of art, the faculty member should be able to demonstrate continued productivity in his or her field and continued off-campus recognition of his or her own works of art. For a composer, this would mean performances of his or her compositions under significant off-campus auspices. For a painter, sculptor, or other plastic artist, this would mean exhibitions of his or her work under significant off-campus auspices and invitations to have his or her work exhibited. For the architect, this would mean continued activity as a practicing architect and continued demand for his or her professional services.


(3)       Significant, good teaching at the graduate level.


(C)       Criteria for associate membership on graduate faculty.


(1)       The possession of the appropriate degree in the discipline as stated in paragraph (B)(1) of this rule.


(2)       Great potentiality for the training of graduate students and the production of scholarly research as indicated by letters of recommendation and other documents.


(3)       These recommendations shall be forwarded from the departmental committee to the dean of the appropriate graduate school for approval accompanied by appropriate documentation of the recommendations. These material will be kept on file in the appropriate graduate school office. All college deans and graduate department chairpersons will be "ex officio" full members of the graduate faculty.


(D)       Duties and privileges of full members of graduate faculty.


(1)       Teach graduate courses.


(2)       Direct master's theses and, when approved by the department, direct doctoral dissertations.


(3)       Serve on master's and doctoral examination committees.


(4)       Serve as voting members of the graduate faculty, able to serve on the graduate council and other graduate faculty committees.


(E)       Duties and privileges of associate members of the graduate faculty.


(1)       Teach certain designated courses, for which they would be specifically approved as stipulated by the department and filed in the appropriate graduate school office.


(2)       When appropriate as judged by the department, direct master's theses and serve on master's and doctoral examination committees, with the approval of the dean of the appropriate graduate school.


(3)       When appropriate as judged by the department, direct doctoral dissertation research and the writing of the dissertation as coadvisor with a senior faculty member who is a full member of the graduate faculty with the approval of the appropriate graduate dean.


(F)       All full and associate members of the graduate faculty shall have their graduate faculty status reviewed according to the foregoing procedures in the fall semester of every fifth year beginning in the fall of 1969.


Effective: March 1, 2015  

Prior Effective Dates: 11/4/1977, 3/18/1982, 6/15/1982, 6/25/1986, 6/1/2007  

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