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Policy Details

6 -08

University policy regarding the compensation of administrative and professional salaried employees

(A)       Purpose. Kent state university seeks to attract, retain, motivate, and reward its employees commensurate with its mission, strategic goals and financial resources. The university’s compensation practices must be responsive to the availability of resources, internal job relationships, and external market considerations. In order to provide an efficient and effective system for achieving these objectives, the university will maintain a compensation plan for continuing administrative and professional salaried positions in all division of the university. This plan will incorporate a pay grade structure and administrative policies and procedures governing compensation practices.


(B)       Eligibility. The compensation plan will provide parameters for determining base pay for all regular continuing administrative and professional salaried positions of the university. Excluded from the plan are positions with the following types of appointments.


(1)       Hourly civil service appointments.


(2)       Faculty appointments.


(3)       Appointments covered by a collective bargaining unit.


(4)       Student appointments.


(5)       Graduate assistantships and teaching fellowships


(C)       Objectives. To incorporate the principles of internal equity and external competitiveness, the plan will be designed to meet the following objectives:


(1)       Provide for external competitiveness by paying salaries that are reflective of base pay for comparable positions in the appropriate external labor market. The competitive strategy is to pay salaries at 100 percent of the relevant market, both in terms of structure (pay ranges) composition and base pay administration, recognizing that resources may not always be sufficient to accommodate that position.


(2)       Provide for internal equity by utilizing a quantitative assessment tool that considers relevant job factors to evaluate the relative value of a job.


(3)       Assign all positions to pay grades that reflect their relative values to the university based on a combination of relevant market data and internal job evaluation.


(4)       Provide flexible but consistent administration, allowing for reasonable and justifiable pay and assignment exceptions.


(5)       Communicate base pay practices to affected employees, in a manner that will facilitate their understanding of pay grade level, salary, and movement within the structure.


(6)       Develop and maintain a systematic performance evaluation program.


(7)       Operate according to all legal and contractual   requirements.


Effective: March 1, 2015  

Prior Effective Dates: 9/20/2000, 2/1/2005, 6/1/2007  

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