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5 -12.403

Operational procedures and regulations regarding schedule of use and closed periods for buildings of the university

(A)       Purpose. The university strives to provide a save and secure environment and to meet the educational and professional needs of students and employees. Toward this end, these procedures establish open and closed periods for buildings, provide for extension of open periods, and prescribe conditions under which persons may use closed facilities.


(B)       Operational procedures.


(1)       Non-academic buildings. Open and closed periods for all non-academic buildings shall be regulated by the building curator.


(2)       Academic buildings.


(a)       All academic buildings are closed from eleven p.m. to seven a.m., Monday through Friday, and all weekend hours unless opened by request of the building curator, scheduling office, conference bureau, college of continuing studies, or other authorized university official. This schedule is based upon the normal use requirements.


(b)       It is permissible for a facility curator to open a building during the regularly scheduled closed periods for departmental use only, providing he or she assumes responsibility for the security of the building during that time.


       It is permissible for a facility curator to close a building outside the times listed above providing he or she has met the following criteria:


(i)         The curator has consulted the office of the registrar, conference bureau and college of continuing studies to ensure officially scheduled building use is not adversely affected by the earlier closing of the building.


(ii)         The curator has made arrangements with facilities, planning, and operations for the installation of electronic locking devices on one or two exterior doors that are located at the primary entrances to the building. These locking devices will allow authorized personnel access to the building during the time in which the building is closed by the curator.


(iii)         The curator has coordinated securing the doors with electronic locking devices with facilities, planning, and operations, and has made arrangements with building staff to secure all other exterior doors of the building at the time designated by the curator.


(iv)         The building curator has notified police services of the early closing dates and times.


(c)       In his or her absence, the building curator may appoint a temporary building curator.


(d)       A university or university-contracted employee may use a closed building under the following conditions:


(i)         The employee has the permission of the building curator.


(ii)        University-contracted employee is engaged in the performance of his or her job.


(iii)       The employee displays an academic building access authorization card and, if employed by the university, possesses a valid Kent state university identification card.


(e)       A student may use a closed building under the following conditions:


(i)         The student has the permission of the building curator, and department/school chairperson where appropriate.


(ii)        The student possesses a valid Kent state university identification card.

(f)       No facilities may be utilized for events after one-thirty a.m.


Effective: March 1, 2015  

Prior Effective Dates: 5/16/1988, 10/3/2005, 6/1/2007, 2/4/2011  

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