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4 -10.109

Operational procedures and regulations regarding the university center plaza


(A)       Purpose. In order to assure the orderly calendaring and planning for events and special activities held within the plaza area the following regulations will pertain.


(B)       Procedures.


(1)       Scheduling events and special activities in the plaza.


(a)       Registered student organizations or university departments may request the use of the university center plaza for special activities and events by following the procedures spelled out below. Nonuniversity groups, organizations or individuals may request the use of the plaza for a special event or activity only through a sponsoring academic or administrative department of the university or a registered student organization. Any individual, group, or organization permitted to schedule a special activity or event in the plaza will be responsible for all expenses and/or any damages incurred. Further, the sponsor of a nonuniversity individual, group, or organization may lose the privilege of sponsorship in the event that the sponsored nonuniversity individual, group or organization fails to adhere to all university policies, rules, and regulations, or local, state, and federal laws.


(b)       All requests must first be reviewed by the plaza curator before the activity or event can be scheduled so that necessary provisions are made and accepted. (Student organizations must fill out a “VIP Event” form at the office of campus life following paragraph (B)(1) of this rule.


(c)        Registered student organizations and university departments are encouraged to request facilities and services at least forty-eight hours prior to the event.


(d)       Because of possible weather problems, the scheduling of an appropriate backup area for the intended event is desirable. If an event cannot take place because of weather and there is no scheduled backup area, the event must be canceled.


(e)       Only that area of the plaza designated by the university scheduling office is available for scheduled activities and events. The scheduling organization is responsible for insuring that spectators do not gather on the walkway under the overhang.


(f)         The university permits assemblies of registered student organizations and university departments without prior written approval on the university center plaza. All such assemblies must be conducted in accordance with all the guidelines of the plaza and must be so conducted so that campus pedestrian and automobile traffic are unimpeded and members of the university community not participating in the assembly may proceed with their normal activities.


(g)       To avoid space conflicts, groups are encouraged but not required to reserve the university plaza for such assemblies.


(h)        Scheduled events and activities have priority over nonscheduled assemblies.


(2)       Use of equipment in the plaza.


(a)       All equipment needed for activities or events to be held on the plaza must be coordinated through the Kent student center operations department.


(b)       Because of academic and research activity in the library, audio equipment such as, but not limited to, amplifiers and speakers will be permitted only between the following hours:


(I)         Twelve noon and one p.m. Monday through Saturday; and


(II)        Five p.m. Saturday and twelve noon on Sunday



(c)        Special hours may be arranged for events held during breaks in the academic schedule. Requests must be submitted to the plaza facility curator who will seek approval from the curator of the university library.


(3)       Special provisions for the use of the plaza area.


(a)       Cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, or heavy equipment are not permitted on the plaza without the expressed approval of the associate vice president for facilities planning and operations or designate.


(b)       Drilling or pounding holes in the plaza for, but not limited to, anchoring platforms, props, art work, signs, rides, is not permitted.


(c)        Paint is not to be used on the plaza or adjacent structures.


(d)       Electrical cords that will cause hazardous walking conditions to spectators and overhead wires are not permitted.


(e)       Banners, props, signs or art work may not be hung or attached to, or between, structures in the plaza. Poles for this purpose may be scheduled through the operations office.


(f)         Fires are not permitted on the plaza.


(g)       No activity shall be permitted in or around the immediate vicinity of the fountain


(h)        The group or individual scheduling or using the plaza will be held financially responsible for any cleanup or maintenance resulting from the event or activity.


(i)         The sale and/or distribution of products that may be ingested into the body is not permitted unless the products have been prepared and/or furnished by university food services. (See sales and solicitation procedures.)


(j)         Displays or equipment are limited in weight to five hundred pounds maximum.


(C)       Responsibility. The plaza curator is responsible for the maintenance of these procedures. Groups and individuals using the university plaza must adhere to all university policies, rules, procedures, and all local, state, and federal laws, which include adhering to scheduled event times and the proper cancellation of events.


(D)       Violation. Violators are subject to disciplinary action under the code of student conduct, appropriate university sanctions, and/or criminal laws.


Effective: March 1, 2015  

Prior Effective Dates: 12/11/1979, 6/21/1995, 9/30/2005, 6/1/2007, 2/4/2011  

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