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Policy Details

4 -10.105

Operational procedures and regulations regarding key or lock change requests for Kent student center facilities

(A)       Purpose. The following key or lock change request procedure is established to ensure overall security and safety of the facility.


(B)       Procedure.


(1)       Key requests and/or lock changes will be initiated at the department head level. Requests should be made to the assistant director of the Kent student center. Lock changes will only be initiated after a thorough investigation has been made involving lost or mislaid keys. With the exception of Kent student center internal key assignments and lock changes, the requesting organization or department will be responsible for the cost of new keys or lock changes.


(2)       A key requisition card will then be completed. The card must be authorized by the department head and then the director of the Kent student center. No work will be done by the university locksmith without the director's signature.


(3)       After the necessary authorization has been obtained, the assistant director will complete, and process through the proper university channels, a work order and a formal memorandum of request. The formal memorandum of request will include the names and titles of personnel requiring keys, appropriate identification of the building and/or office for which the keys are required, and justification for the issuance of keys.


(a)       If the key or lock change is internal, the order and memorandum will be processed by the university locksmith with only the director's signature.


(b)       If the key or lock change permits outside entry to the building, the order and memorandum must be forwarded to the vice president for administration for approval and then to the university department of security for recording purposes. The work order and memorandum will then be forwarded to the university locksmith.


(4)       Keys will be delivered to the Kent student center assistant director once the work order has been completed. At this time the keys will be recorded.


(5)       Persons receiving keys will be notified when keys are ready to be issued.


(6)       The person receiving the key must sign for the key, and thereby, agree to the following rules:


(a)       Do not lend the key to any other person.


(b)       If lost, notify the office of the director immediately.


(c)        Do not have a duplicate key made.


(d)       Return the key when leaving the employ of the Kent student center.


(e)       There will be a charge for any lost keys.


(C)       Returns. The department head initiating key requests for personnel within his or her department will be responsible for making sure those keys are returned prior to employees going on extended leave or at the termination of their employment.


Effective: March 1, 2015  

Prior Effective Dates: 11/4/1977, 6/4/2003, 9/26/2005, 6/1/2007  

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