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Policy Details

4 -10.104

Operational procedures and regulations regarding access to the Kent student center student organizations office area beyond normal building hours

(A)       Purpose. Members of student organizations which have been allocated office space in the Kent student center may be permitted access to their offices at times beyond the normal operating hours of the Kent student center if there is a legitimate need. Only members currently on the key list will be permitted access to the area beyond normal operating hours. Normal operating hours are posted each term throughout the Kent student center.


(B)       Scope. The student organizations office area is the only area where access during nonoperational hours can be permitted.


(C)       Procedure.


(1)       Members of organizations requesting access to this area beyond normal operating hours must submit the appropriate access request form for approval. The following information is included on the access request form:


(a)       Name of organization;


(b)       Office requesting access to;


(c)        Date and time of requested access;


(d)       Name, telephone number, and identification number of person making request;


(e)       Name, telephone number and identification of person requiring access;


(f)         Reason access is needed.


(2)       The request form must then be submitted to the director of the Kent student center for evaluation. The main criteria for approval will be that the activity cannot be satisfactorily accomplished during normal operating hours or in another location. Consideration must also be given to the accessibility of the building during the requested time period.


(3)       Requests must be submitted at least two working days prior to the date access is requested so there will be sufficient time to proper evaluation of the request and for making any necessary arrangements.


(4)       The person submitting the request will be notified of the decision.


(5)       If the request is approved, the necessary arrangements will be made with the appropriate staff members.


(D)       Special circumstances. In the case of extreme emergencies where prior approval for access to the Kent student center beyond normal operating hours has not been obtained, individuals needing access should contact the director of the Kent student center, or if unavailable, the assistant director.


(E)       Access. Individuals granted access to the Kent student center beyond normal operating hours must present their identification cards to the designated student center staff member to verify authorization. Only those individuals specifically named and authorized to be in the Kent student center will be permitted access to the building. All others will be asked to leave.


(1)       Office keys will be issued at times beyond normal operating hours. A student center staff member will admit authorized individuals to their respective offices.


(2)       It will be the individual's responsibility to:


(a)       Lock the office doors when leaving; and


(b)       Notify a student center staff member when leaving the building. Arrangements for contacting the staff member will be made at the time of entry.


(F)       Violation. Individuals or organizations abusing this privilege or not adhering to this procedure will be denied further access to the Kent student center beyond normal operating hours.


Effective: March 1, 2015  

Prior Effective Dates: 11/4/1977, 4/30/1982, 9/26/2005, 6/1/2007  

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