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4 -10.102

Operational procedures and regulations regarding solicitation and sales in the Kent student center and Risman plaza

(A)       Purpose. Student organizations and university departments are required to display a university solicitation and sales permit.


(B)       Scope. These procedures shall apply to university employees such as administration, faculty, staff and graduate assistants sponsored by their respective departments and registered student organizations as noted.


A member of the sponsoring organization or university department must be present at the sale and/or solicitation site at all times. Members of student organizations and university departments directing or participating in the sale must be currently registered for classes or be employed by the university.


(C)       Procedures.


(1)       All sales and solicitation must be conducted from behind a reserved table or display.


(2)       Registration. During the registration process with the office of campus life, the student organization or university department will:


(a)       File for a university solicitation and sales permit.


(b)       Present the office of campus life with a copy of a state of Ohio vendor's license when outside vendors are involved in directing or participating in the sale.


(c)        Make arrangements to obtain a space with the scheduling office.


(d)       Obtain a sales and solicitation and joint venture agreement permit for use with the vendor and general instruction in its use.


(3)       Outside vendor. Student organizations and university departments engaging the services of an outside vendor will be required to:


(a)       Make arrangements with the vendor for a one hundred dollar per day facility rental fee and a minimum one hundred dollar per day sponsorship fee to the organization or department, in advance of scheduling a space on campus for the vendor. These fees must be submitted at the time of scheduling.


(b)       All outside vendors will be assessed one hundred dollars per table per day set up charge. In addition:


(I)         The solicitor or vendor will remit the total due for the duration of the solicitation or sale before the sale begins the first day.


(II)        Only cash or money order will be accepted for payment.


(III)       Payment will be made to the designated Kent student center account clerk located in the first floor student center office. In the account clerk's absence payment will be made to the student center representative appointed by the Kent student center director's assistant for financial affairs. Information as to who is collecting fees can be obtained from the Kent student center receptionist.


(IV)      The fee is nonrefundable, unless the university cannot deliver its services.


(V)       A receipt will be issued to the vendor. This receipt will stand as proof to the Kent student center operations department that the vendor has complied with, and is knowledgeable of, paragraph (I) of this rule. Provided all other procedural stipulations are met and understood by the vendor, the sale or solicitation can proceed.


(c)        All outside vendors are required to obtain and display a state of Ohio vendor's license in addition to the university's solicitation and sales permit.



(D)       Violation.


(1)       Anyone engaged in sales or solicitation in the Kent student center or Risman plaza without a sales and solicitation permit will be notified to cease their operation and abandon the premises. In cases where individuals refuse to leave the premises after notification, the notifying university staff member involved will take the appropriate action.


(2)       Student violators of this rule or of its attendant administrative procedures are subject to disciplinary action under the code of student conduct, rule 3342-4-02 of the Administrative Code. Staff and faculty violators are subject to established sanctions.


Effective: March 1, 2015  

Prior Effective Dates: 11/4/1977, 6/21/1995, 2/12/2003, 9/26/2005, 6/1/2007  

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