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Policy Details

4 -03.2

Administrative policy regarding crowd managements

(A)       Definitions.


(1)       “Concert” - A performance before an assembly of persons held on campus grounds or in a facility of the university with the intent of entertaining through music, song, and/or performance.


(2)       “Crowd management” - Procedures established to maintain order among attendees at a concert through the involvement of one or more university departments.


(3)       “University department” - Any officially recognized section of the university’s organizational structure.


(4)       “Contract” - Any document which engages a person or group for the presentation of a concert and is signed by the appropriate university official(s) and the signatory representatives of the concert performer(s).


(5)       “Concert Crowd Management Parameters and Procedures” - A documented set of parameters and procedures for the presentation of concerts.


(B)       General.


(1)       All concerts must be sponsored by a registered student organization(s) or university department(s).


(2)       The student organization(s) sponsoring concerts must work with the appropriate university departments for presentation of the event.


(3)       The sponsor(s) of concerts are responsible for making the necessary provisions to maintain the peaceful demeanor of the concert attendees, including the arrangements for safety services.


(4)       The determination of whether an event shall be considered a concert and subject to this policy shall be made by the director of public safety, or designee, in consultation with the university official, or designee, responsible for signing the contract to present the event.


(C)       Parameters and procedures.


(1)       Parameters and procedures for the management of concert crowds shall be documented. The parameters and procedures (and any subsequent changes) are to be approved by the vice president for enrollment management and student affairs and the vice president for administration.


(2)       The university official responsible for signing the contract to present a concert shall be responsible for implementing and following the “Concert Crowd Management Parameters and Procedures.”


(3)       A decision to operate outside the established parameters and procedures may be made only by the director of public safety, or designee, in consultation with the university official or designee, responsible for signing the contract.


Effective: March 1, 2015  

Prior Effective Dates: 10/18/2002, 6 /4/2003, 6/1/2007  

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