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Policy Details

4 -01.201

Operational procedures and regulations regarding the registration of student organizations

(A)       Purpose. A group wishing to register will first complete a registration form and information sheet and will forward this information to the office of campus life. This information will then be sent for review to the appropriate governing body or department.


(B)       Requirements.


(1)       Residence halls must petition Kent interhall council.


(2)       Fraternities must petition interfraternity council.


(3)       Sororities must petition panhellenic council.


(4)       Academically related groups must petition the applicable academic department.


(5)       All student publications must petition the student media and policy committee.


(6)       All other undergraduate groups must petition the undergraduate student senate.


(7)       All other graduate groups must petition the graduate student senate.


(C)       Procedures.


(1)       Each of the above reviewing bodies will be responsible for establishing appropriate procedures to insure the equitable processing of these requests.


(2)       Review. While this review is in process, the requesting group may schedule space for a maximum of two organizational meetings or informational activities.


(3)       Notice. A campus life staff member will determine if the information and registration materials fulfill requirements for registration and will make notification of the results within ten working days.


(4)       Renewal. Registration is subject to annual renewal through submission of the renewal of registration form during the first three weeks of the fall term. Additionally, a new form must be filed any time during an academic year when new officers are elected.


(5)       Affiliate members. The registration procedure must state whether the organization accepts affiliate members. If affiliate members are accepted, the officer or contact agent completing the registration form must certify by signature that all affiliate members have been notified in writing of their rights and restrictions regarding participation in the student organization. The organization will indicate the number of affiliate members on the registration form. The office of campus life provides relevant policies regarding affiliate membership to all student organizations.


(D)       Denial and rescission. Registration may be denied or rescinded for the following reasons:


(1)       If the appropriate reviewing body determines the group is not committed to serving the best interests of students;


(2)       If any member (student or affiliate) places the organization in violation of the administrative policy regarding the registration of student organizations;


(3)       If the proposed organization illegally discriminates against those seeking membership;


(4)       If the organization fails to complete the registration process by the end of the third week of the fall term or by a later time set by the director of the office of campus life;


(5)       If the organization has a university account with a deficit balance and has not made an adequate attempt to rectify the situation;


(6)       If the organization no longer desires official registration status;


(7)       If the organization has been found guilty of violations of university policy;


(8)       If the organization does not have a faculty or staff member as recognized by the university as its primary advisor.


(E)       Loss of Registration. Decisions regarding loss of registration per this policy will be made by an administrative review conducted by the office of campus life. In addition, the student life staff will act on recommendations made by the all-university hearing board with regard to organizational status.


(1)       Loss of registration rescinds all privileges granted to a registered student organization. Members wishing to regain registered status must reinitiate the entire procedure outlined above. Renewal of registration is not guaranteed; evidence must be presented in reference to current chances for success of the organization.


Effective: March 1, 2015  

Prior Effective Dates: 11/4/1977, 9/11/1979, 1/25/1980, 6/25/1989, 5/24/1995, 2/28/1997, 4/21/1997, 9/26/2005, 6/1/2007  

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