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Policy Details

4 -01.2

Administrative policy regarding the registration of student organizations


(A)       Purpose. The university supports the right of individuals to organize and participate in organizations within the context of general university, student, alumni and community interests.


(B)       Definitions.


(1)       "Student member." One who is enrolled and regularly attending at least three hours of university coursework.


(2)       "Affiliate member." One who is taking less than three hours or is not currently enrolled, but is interested in working with the organization's membership. Such members may not outnumber student members, may not hold office, vote for officers, or vote on the expenditures of money. Furthermore, they may not schedule university facilities or services in behalf of the organization. Such members must be elected yearly by a majority of voting members. Membership is for one year contingent on adherence to the organization's constitution which must include the rights and restrictions of affiliate members. Affiliate members are expected to know, understand and abide by all university rules and regulations as well. Such members have no vote on organization matters and may not participate in discussions during meetings except by majority of voting members present.


(3)       "Registered group." The status given to those student organizations which register with the office of campus life. In order to be registered, a group must include at least five persons, all of whom meet the criteria for offices/representatives of student organizations under paragraphs (B)(1) and (B)(2) of rule 3342-4-03 of the Administrative Code.


(4)       "Group function." An event, meeting or gathering sponsored by a registered group.


(C)       Procedure.


(1)       Registration. Because groups must be coordinated and students informed regarding possible involvement, all student organizations, including but not limited to departmental groups, interest groups, recreational clubs, political groups, and nonchartered governmental organizations, are required to register with the office of campus life and provide information.


Such information includes, but is not limited to, the organization's name and mailing address, a statement of its goals and purposes, and a statement concerning nondiscrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or identity as a disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era. This information will be made available to anyone requesting it, unless the organization specifically requests that it be restricted to those officially connected to the university, such as students, staff, and faculty.



(2)       Responsibility. Registered groups are responsible for the conduct of their members and guests at group functions as well as for all costs incurred at such events.


(3)       Use. Registration permits organizations to use university services and facilities, as for example the scheduling office for space needs or the student accounts office for accounting assistance. Additionally, only registered groups may request allocated funds derived from the student activity fee.


(4)       Disclaimer. Registration does not imply either university approval or disapproval of the organization's purposes.


(5)       The director of the office of campus life or designee will make final determination regarding organizational registration and will adopt such procedures as necessary for the implementation of the registration process.


(6)       Appeals. Appeals regarding granting or rescinding of registered group status may be made to the student life policy committee, which shall forward its recommendation to the vice president for enrollment management and student affairs who shall make the final determination.


Effective: March 1, 2015  

Prior Effective Dates: 11/4/1977, 10/5/1979, 2/10/1984, 7/25/1989, 8/16/1991, 6/5/1995, 4/21/1997, 3/7/2000, 9/26/2005, 6/1/2007  

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