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Graduations Ceremony Fall  2011

 Graduation Ceremony August 5, 2011


Held at the Historical Mahoning Country Club

Mahoning Country Club

Class Numbers

BAS 10-080    BAS 10-092   BAS 11-027    BAS 10-048    BAS10-089
DSC_0906 (Custom) DSC_0907 (Custom) DSC_0915 (Custom) DSC_0917 (Custom) DSC_0922 (Custom) DSC_0933 (Custom) DSC_0936 (Custom) DSC_0939 (Custom) DSC_0940 (Custom) DSC_0941 (Custom) DSC_0945 (Custom) DSC_0947 (Custom) DSC_0951 (Custom) DSC_0954 (Custom) DSC_0959 (Custom) DSC_0960 (Custom) DSC_0961 (Custom) DSC_0962 (Custom) DSC_0963 (Custom) DSC_0964 (Custom) DSC_0965 (Custom) DSC_0968 (Custom) DSC_0969 (Custom) DSC_0970 (Custom) DSC_0971 (Custom) DSC_0972 (Custom) DSC_0974 (Custom) DSC_0976 (Custom) DSC_0977 (Custom) DSC_0982 (Custom) DSC_0983 (Custom) DSC_0985 (Custom) DSC_0986 (Custom) DSC_0988 (Custom) DSC_0989 (Custom) DSC_0990 (Custom) DSC_0991 (Custom) DSC_0993 (Custom) DSC_0994 (Custom) DSC_0995 (Custom) DSC_0996 (Custom) DSC_0998 (Custom) DSC_0999 (Custom)