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"And one more thing before you go..."

A million things run through your mind when your student is leaving home and heading to college. And you have a million more things to tell your student before he or she leaves. Remember to mention the following:
  • I love you.
  • See your academic advisor.
  • Answer your cell phone when I call.
  • Go to class.
  • Get involved with other students on campus.
  • Don’t save your laundry until Thanksgiving.
  • Stay healthy: eat, drink and act responsibly.
  • Check your mailbox often because I will be sending mail and goodie packages.
  • Keep your room clean. I won’t be there to pick up after you.
  • Get along with your roommate, no matter how “weird” you think he/she is.
  • I love you.
  • Future employers and spouses will not think your tattoos are as “cool” as you think they are.
  • First impressions are lasting impressions.
  • Keep me updated on your grades and classes.
  • Make good decisions.
  • Don’t forget to fill out all scholarship applications, job applications, loan forms, etc.
  • Always ask if you need me to get you anything from home.
  • Use your time wisely.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Go to the health center when you’re feeling ill.
  • Drive safely.
  • I love you.

“You’ve given them their roots, now is the time to give them their wings.” And don’t forget to tell your student “I love you.”