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Faculty Resources for Students Quick Guide

Student support can be one of the most time-consuming course management issues in an online course. The following documents and resources were created or adapted with the goal of alleviating some of this burden. A brief description of each is available below, with more resources to follow in the future. Feel free to use these resources in your own online course.

Taking Online Tests

Blackboard tests can challenge students from a technical (as well as intellectual) level. This document provides basic advice for students on how to avoid some of the common technical issues that can occur when taking a test in Blackboard.

Team Agreement Statement

Most students dread group work, often due to a lack of accountability and defined communication strategies for individual group members. This document doubles as an optionally graded activity, and is a great way to start off any group or team-based project. 

Students collaboratively fill this out with their other group members to define their roles, how they will measure the quality of their work, and how they intend to establish accountability for their individual contributions.

Thriving in Online Group Work

Like the Team Agreement Statement listed on this page, Thriving in Online Group Work targets the challenges students may face when working in online groups. This document offers several specific pieces of advice, as well as common problems and solutions that complement that advice.

Worst Case Scenario Guide to Taking an Online Course

What happens if a students computer crashes? What if it crashes during a test? What if Blackboard is down, or they find a broken link? As powerful as computers and programs can be, things can certainly go wrong. This document outlines some of the common technical issues students may face in an online course, as well as how to respond to them.

Common Technology Resources

Do your students need to take a screenshot on their computer? Make a quick movie? Save their work as a PDF? This document contains links to resources, walk-throughs, and tutorials for some of the more common skills students may need in an online course.

Electronic Communication

Writing a proper email can be one of the largest communication challenges for students. Longer forms of writing are now being affected by habits they've developed using social networks and text messaging. 

This short, comedic video demonstrates how technology has affected writing, as well as how to write the perfect email to any faculty member.

Note: Copy and paste the URL into a syllabus or content area in your Bb Learn online course.

Time Spent "in Class" 

Students new to a virtual classroom environment often underestimate the amount of time required to succeed in an online course. A common misconception is that online courses are "easier" than face-to-face courses. In fact, online courses require far more from students than simply "going online". Successful students must be motivated, organized, disciplined and have the ability to self-regulate. 

Use the following document to help students understand how online courses can be just as rigorous, if not more so, than face to face courses.