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*To search for student contact information, login to FlashLine and choose the "Directory" icon in the FlashLine masthead (blue bar).

Teaching an Online Course Quick Guide

Teaching in an online environment for the first time can be fraught with apprehension and confusion. The quick guide below provides clear and concise instructions for getting up and running in Bb Learn as well as setting realistic expectations and requirements for delivering online instruction.

I am a new KSU faculty member, how do I access the KSU computer network?

Before faculty can access the KSU computer network both the new hire paperwork and instructor contract MUST be completed and returned to the department hiring the faculty. IF you have not yet received the required paperwork, or have any questions about completed and returned paperwork please contact the department chair of the hiring department.

Once the department has received all the required paperwork, you should receive a letter in the mail with a FlashLine user ID and temporary password. FlashLine is the intranet and web portal for the university community. It contains important tools for faculty, such as the official KSU gradebook, as well as employee information and more. The FlashLine user ID and password is required to access many of the university’s web-based services and technologies, including the Blackboard (Bb) Learn learning management system.

Set-up a KSU FlashLine account:

  1. FlashLine user ID and temporary password are required
  2. Open a web browser and Login to KSU FlashLine
  3. Follow the directions to change your FlashLine password; memorize this and keep safe

For help setting up or troubleshooting a FlashLine account, contact the KSU Helpdesk at 330.672.4357, or submit a help ticket or search the Self-Help Knowledgebase at

Is it possible to access the KSU computer network from a remote location?

Yes. Most university web-based services can be accessed remotely from anywhere with nothing more than an Internet connection, web browser and FlashLine user ID and password.

However, a VPN client is required in order to create a secure remote connection to university library resources or department file servers. A VPN connection requires FlashLine user ID and password.

For help setting up a VPN connection for remote access, including using mobile devices, search on "VPN" in the KSU Helpdesk Self-Help Knowledgebase at

This is my first time teaching online, how do I access my course(s)?

Bb Learn is the official learning management system for delivering online courses at Kent State University. A FlashLine user ID and password is required to login. There are two access points to login into Bb Learn:

  • Login to FlashLine, then click on the Blackboard icon in the upper left menu bar at the top of the page.  Once the next page loads, click on the “Log in to Learn” button.
  • Bookmark for easy access

What are my responsibilities as an online instructor, does it make a difference whether I developed the course or I am teaching a course developed by someone else?

Regardless of who developed a course, the instructor delivering the course is responsible for the following:

  • Learning how to use the Bb Learn LMS
  • Knowing the course goal and learning objectives
  • Reviewing course materials, activities, assignments, projects, and assessments in order to ensure all course content is present and supports the learning objectives and course goal
  • Making certain that support resources for online students are present
  • Understanding the design of the course; how content materials will be delivered to students, and how students will interact with content materials
  • Facilitating student-instructor, student-student, and student-content interaction and communication
  • Enforcing the course management policies outlined in the course syllabus, especially the grading scheme and grading policies
  • Following KSU’s official policies regarding add/drop, office hours, plagiarism, students with disabilities, and grading
  • Ensuring the Student Survey of Instruction is present and available to students in order to collect evaluative feedback on the effectiveness of course design and delivery
  • Posting final grades to KSU FlashLine

How are final grades posted for an online course?

Final grades for face-to-face and online courses are posted using the exact same process.

What other resources are available to help facilitate teaching an online course?

For additional help regarding best practices and research-based instructional methods and strategies for teaching online courses email the Online Learning Team to make an appointment with an Instructional Designer,