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Save Energy and Costs During the Summer Months

Posted Apr. 28, 2014

Kent State University faculty and staff are getting in the habit of shutting down their offices when the university closes over winter break, saving energy and money. The university also can save energy and money over summer as many employees take vacation or otherwise have time away. If you plan to be away, please follow the same protocol as winter shut down for your office space:

  • Turning off and unplugging computers. “A lot of the electronics have a ‘vampire load,’ which means those items still use energy even when they are turned off,” says Melanie Knowles, sustainability manager at Kent State. “It’s about taking the extra step and also unplugging those things.”
  • Closing and locking windows.
  • Pulling down the shades.
  • Turning lights off.
  • Submitting a request for repairs on things, such as leaky windows. “This is also a good time to mention repairs,” Knowles says. “It’s a good time to report these repairs by submitting a request.” Maintenance requests can be submitted at

Some tips for saving energy at home during warm weather:

  • Look for holes or leaks in your windows and weather stripping.  If your home is air conditioned, leaks will let the warm air in and increase your cooling costs.
  • Ceiling fans make you feel cooler, but turn them off when you leave the room. They cool people (with a wind chill effect) not rooms.
  • Unplug appliances, such as the coffee pot when not in use. “Those appliances will continue to suck energy when they’re not being used,” Knowles says.
  • When the weather and your allergies allow, use natural ventilation by opening the windows.  Let cool air in at night and close the windows to keep it inside during the day.

To learn more about sustainability at Kent State, visit