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Douglas W. Kline

Douglas W. Kline | Professor

Phone: 330-672-3810
Fax: 330-672-3713
Area(s) of Expertise:


  • Ph.D., University of California, Davis
Courses Taught

  • Cell Biology
  • Molecular Biology Lab
Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities
Selected publications:

We investigate some of the mechanisms responsible for the normal production of reproductive cells in the ovary. Despite significant advances in the study of oogenesis, there are major gaps in our understanding of how mammalian meiosis is regulated by signaling systems. Normal oocyte maturation is necessary for the production of viable eggs and embryos. We are identifying and studying the combination of interacting proteins that are responsible for initiating and regulating oocyte maturation. Clarifying the signaling pathways and protein interactions will enhance our understanding of mammalian oogenesis and provide fundamental information about cell division.

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Chakrabarti, R., Kline, D., Lu, J., Orth, J., Pilder, S., and Vijayaraghavan, S. 2007.  Analysis of Ppp1cc-Null Mice Suggests a Role for PP1gamma2 in Sperm Morphogenesis.  Biology of Reproduction 76, 992-1001.

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Kline, D. and Kline, J.T.  1992.  Thapsigargin activates a calcium influx pathway in the unfertilized mouse egg and suppresses repetitive calcium transients in the fertilized egg.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 267, 7624-17630.

Kline D., and Nuccitelli, R.  1985.  The wave of activation current in the Xenopus egg.  Developmental Biology 111, 471-487.

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Kline, D.  1988.  Calcium-dependent events at fertilization of the frog egg:  Injection of a calcium buffer blocks ion channel opening, exocytosis, and formation of pronuclei.  Developmental Biology  126, 346-361.

Research Areas
  • Reproductive Biology
  • Oocyte maturation
  • Gametogenesis
  • Gamete physiology