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Anatoly Khitrin

Anatoly Khitrin | Professor

Office/Department: Department of Chemistry
Location: Williams Hall
Phone: 330-672-2032
Fax: 330-672-3816
Area(s) of Expertise:

M.S. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), 1978
Ph.D. Institute of Chemical Physics RAS (Russia), 1985


Our group works on experimental and theoretical spin dynamics, quantum information processing, and developing new spectroscopic and imaging NMR techniques. We improved the methods of coherent spin control and were able to address and manipulate individual quantum states in clusters of up to twelve nuclear spins. Today we use such systems to study relaxation and decoherence of individual states, and as experimental models for implementing quantum algorithms. We proposed a concept of quantum amplification and illustrated it by finding the exact dynamic solution and by experiments with clusters of coupled nuclear spins. The ideas from quantum information science help us designing the dynamics of complex systems, while NMR "quantum toys" demonstrate feasibility of the proposed approaches. The work on NMR techniques includes creating more efficient schemes for decoupling, cross-polarization, measuring inter-nuclear distances in solids, imaging, and data processing.

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities
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