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Leading Edge Liquid Crystal Technology- Based Company Holds Board Meeting in Northeast Ohio (06/24/2009)
Crystal Diagnostics has partnerships with NEOUCOM, Kent State

Crystal Diagnostics, a high-tech company with strong and strengthening ties to Northeast Ohio, announced today that it will hold its regular Board of Directors meeting at the Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy (NEOUCOM) and Kent State University. Investors in the high-tech concern along with liquid crystal researchers and numerous academic and economic development professionals from the region will attend. The award-winning company was formerly known as Pathogen Systems, Inc., or PSI, and now does business under the Crystal Diagnostics name.

Crystal Diagnostics, a Delaware corporation doing business in Colorado and Ohio, licensed technology born in the labs of NEOUCOM and Kent State to develop a device that tests water samples for the presence of harmful biological pathogens. The prototype device recently underwent its first field test in California. Numerous government and industry leaders have expressed interest in the product when it comes to market in quantity.

The company is in the process of signing an agreement to locate a significant portion of its business operations in Kent State University’s Centennial Research Park. Crystal Diagnostics also conducts R&D work in an Applied Research Laboratory on the campus of NEOUCOM.  Last year the state of Ohio awarded NEOUCOM with a $3 million Wright Project grant to further the development of the partnership with Crystal Diagnostics and Kent State University. 

“NEOUCOM is proud to be working with our partners at Crystal Diagnostics and Kent State University to develop a device that has such strong market potential in water quality control, and even global health initiatives,” says Walter E. Horton, Jr., Ph.D., Vice President for Research at NEOUCOM. “As this company grows the impact on the local economy will be substantial.” 

“Our partnerships with companies such as Crystal Diagnostics show that Kent State’s research passion for liquid crystal technology is aligned with the needs of forward-thinking entrepreneurs,” says Kent State Vice President for Research Dr. John L. West. “The laboratory success is only part of the equation. We are proud to have a partner in Crystal Diagnostics and welcome them to Centennial Research Park.”

The meeting furthers the commitment Crystal Diagnostics has made to Northeast Ohio. As CEO Bob Bunting notes, the complete package of research talent and offerings from NEOUCOM, Kent State University and the state of Ohio made the area irresistible to his company. Bunting is using this special meeting as the opportunity to demonstrate to his board and investors why northeastern Ohio and this partnership hold promise for this burgeoning venture.

“The collaboration with the Kent area’s research partners will be critical in taking this product and our business to the next level,” says Bunting.
The board meeting will involve a day-long series of events at both Kent State and NEOUCOM. The Board of Directors business meeting will take place at 10 a.m. at NEOUCOM, followed by a tour of the lab space on the University’s Rootstown campus. The group will then depart for Kent State’s Centennial Research Park. Later in the afternoon, attendees will visit the Kent State University Liquid Crystal Institute and meet with researchers at the facility.


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