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Getting Involved with the Community

Functioning Committees

The KSU-NAACP has eight functioning committees which are chaired by the executive board. A description of what each committee does can be found below. All committee members must be a nationally affiliated member of the NAACP.

If you are interested in joining a committee or being a part of the KSU-NAACP through membership, feel free to contact any board member!

Programming and Research

  • Study and research local and national issues affecting Black and minority youth groups.
  • Suggest program ideas that revolve around the issues you studied. The ideas must correlate with the goals and mission of the KSU-NAACP
  • Help our programmer, Brittany Battle, put on effective programming by giving suggestions, volunteering your time for set-up/clean-up, or prior planning.

For more information on the Programming and Research committee, contact Brittany Battle at

Communication and Publicity

  • Join the street team: Help JaRel Clay advertise on and off campus, as well as online about our upcoming events.
  • Take pictures and record videos at our events and community service projects.
  • Become a staff writer for KSU-NAACP's publication, Defined!
  • Make sure your peers know about what's going on with KSU-NAACP.

For more information on the Communication and Publicity Committee, contact JaRel Clay at


  • Help Ramone Foster create programs that keep AALANA students at Kent State past their first semester.
  • Be a role model for academic success by attending tutoring sessions and letting other students know about academic resources on campus.
  • Help improve the recruitment and retention rates by volunteering your time to talk with high school students.

For more information on the Education Committee, contact Ramone Foster at

Political Action

  • Become our political action chair, and inform our student body on political issues and policies.
  • Ensure that student know about local legal avenues they can use. (Student Legal Services, KSU-PD, Campus Security, Judicial Affairs, etc.)
  • Seek ways to politically empower minority students. (Ex. voter registration drives, advertising issues for the elections, police brutality programs, etc.)

For more information on the Political Action Committee, contact us at

Economic Empowerment

  • Give KSU students tips on managing finances and building wealth in America as opposed to riches.
  • Help us promote workshops and events that evolve around improving your finances and having a well-balanced bank account.

For more information on the Economic Empowerment Committee, contact us at


  • Participate in planning fundraisers.
  • Brainstorm effective ways to make money on a college campus.

For more information on the Fundraising Committee, contact us at

Community Coordination

  • Make connections with community service agencies in the Northeast Ohio region.
  • Team up with other student organizations to create a larger force in community service.

For more information on the Fundraising Committee, contact us at


  • Become our health chair, and promote positive and healthy lifestyles amongst minority groups.
  • Assess the health needs of out communities
  • Aid in sponsoring health-related activities such as health forums, fairs, and workshops highlighting issues of importance to people of color.
  • Advocate for equal access to health education, care, treatment, and research for ALL Americans.
For more information on the Health Committee, contact us at