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There are 14 total executive positions with the Family.  The four elected executive officers are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The ten appointed committee chair positions:

  • Programming & Research Chair
  • Communications and Publicity Chair
  • Education chair
  • Employment & Economic Empowerment Chair
  • Political Action Chair
  • Finance Chair
  • Community Coordination Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Juvenile Justice Chair
  • Health Chair

Each position has a specific purpose and focus, and we expect our executive family to be accountable for the duties of that position. Please find position descriptions below. 

Executive positions are available to ALL undergraduate student at Kent State University with a minimum of 2.25 GPA as required by the KSU Center for Student Involvement (CSI). All races, genders, class standings, religions, sexual orientations, and colleges are encouraged to apply!

We have provided an APPLICATION CHECKLIST to ensure your election packet is completed successfully.

_____ - Complete Elections Questionnaire in the 'Application Packet' link below
_____ - Sign and submit the Nomination Consent Form with your application.
_____ - Attach your most current resume
_____ - Indicate which position(s) are desired

Position Descriptions


  1. To preside at meetings of the KSU-NAACP Chapter and act as Chairman of the Executive Committee.
  2. To appoint Chairpersons and members, in conjunction with the Vice-President, of all committees not directly elected by Kent State University national affiliates.
  3. Between meetings of the Executive Committees of the KSU-NAACP Chapter and subject to the approval thereof, to exercise general executive authority on behalf of the Youth Council or College Chapter.
  4. To countersign all checks by the Treasurer for disbursement from the KSU-NAACP Chapter treasury.
  5. To perform such other functions and exercise further duties as may be voted on from time to time by the KSU-NAACP Chapter.
  6. To represent the College Chapter on the Executive Committee of the Branch.
  7. The President shall be the ex-officio member of all Youth Council or College Chapter committees.

Vice President

  1. Perform all duties of the President in the event of his/her absence or disability.
  2. To appoint Chairpersons and members, in conjunction with the President, of all committees not directly elected by Kent State University national affiliates.
  3. Mediate all internal personal issues that may arise between officers of the Executive Committee. 
  4. Oversee all leadership training and coordination of executive officers.
  5. Any other duties as assigned by President.


  1. Summaries of Committee reports should appear in the minutes and the entire original reports are kept on file.
  2. Take complete notes at the meeting and rewrite them soon thereafter.
  3. Keep an accurate record of all nationally affiliated members and their financial dues; provide receipts for all membership fees received and transmit such fees to the treasurer
  4. Send a list of all memberships received from the Treasurer and forward to the National Office that portion of the fees belonging to the National Office. The Secretary should do this within fifteen (15) days after receipt.
  5. Membership list should be done in triplicate, one copy for the KSU-NAACP file, the Regional Youth Field Director's office and one to the National Office.



  1. Receive all chapter funds and promptly deposit them in the name of the Council/Chapter in a separate account in a responsible bank.
  2. Work with the Advisor and the President to set up a realistic budget for the youth unit at the beginning of each year.
  3. To submit reports to the Council/Chapter and the Executive Committee at all regular meetings, or whenever required by either body.
  4. A copy of all reports by the Treasurer, when adopted by the Youth Council or College Chapter, shall be forwarded to the National Office.
  5. Any requisition in the amount of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or more must be approved by the Executive Committee before payment.


Programming & Research Committee:


It is the responsibility of the Programming and Research Committee to study local and national issues affecting African American and other minority groups and to recommend certain of these issues for discussion and action by the chapter.  All implemented programming must correlate with the goals and NAACP College Division mission statement.  The Programming and Research Committee Chair must work closely with the President and Treasurer to set a budget for all events and programs hosted but the organizations.


Communications and Publicity Committee:


It is the responsibility of the Communications and Publicity Committee to find effective ways to publicize the organization and disseminate information.  This includes: monitoring and updating the website on a consistent basis, up keeping the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Account, promoting the sales of the CRISIS magazine and any other official publications from the chapter, creating advertisements for programs and events, recording events through pictures and/or videos.



Education Committee:


It is the responsibility of the Education Committee to ensure educational inequalities and discrimination does not occur.  In addition, it is the responsibility of the Education Committee to inform the student body of issues that are of relevance to their academic success at Kent State University.  The Education Committee shall implement effective programming that will assist students with their academic success.


Employment & Economic Empowerment Committee:


It is the responsibility of the Employment and Economic Empowerment Committee to ensure that employment discrimination does not occur on or around campus.  This committee shall also see ways to empower minorities at Kent State University economically: through informative workshop, job/internship workshops, and other creative methods.


Political Action Committee:


It is the responsibility of the Political Action Committee to act as a political reference for students when wrongfully discriminated against.  This committee shall also seek ways to politically empower minority students through voter registration drives and other creative methods.


Finance Committee:


It is the responsibility of the Finance Committee to coordinate effective fundraising methods to secure funding for the chapter.  It is also the responsibility of the Finance Committee to work in conjunction with the President and Treasurer to ensure proper usage and recording of all finances obtained by the organization.


Community Coordination Committee:


It is the responsibility of the Community Coordination Committee to organize and oversee community service projects ran by the organization.  It is also the responsibility of this committee to act as the liaison between the chapter and other campus organizations. 


Juvenile Justice Committee:


The Juvenile Justice Committee shall see to eliminate discriminatory practices in the juvenile and adult justice systems.  This committee shall also work with the outside community to positively influence minority youth interests in higher education. 


Membership Committee:


The Membership Committee has the responsibility of working to increase the membership of the College Chapter by planning and organizing successful spring and fall membership campaigns, and planning innovative projects to secure and raise memberships. Every member of the Youth Council is in a sense a member of this committee in that each member should be responsible for bringing in new NAACP members every day.


Health Committee:


It is the responsibility of the Health Committee to work to promote, protect, and maintain the heath of African Americans and other ethnic minorities.  This committee shall work to advocate for equal access to health education, care, treatment, and research for all Americans.  This committee shall sponsor health initiatives throughout the university and support health initiatives of the Association.