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Student Recital Series Request Form

This form must be completely filled out, with all information proofed by a faculty member before the student will be allowed to perform.  Performance time is limited to a maximum of ten minutes.

Submit forms by 5:00 p.m. the THURSDAY one week prior to the recital requested.  Requests are honored in the order they are received.  Performers are encouraged to submit forms well in advance of deadline to guarantee a place on a program.


1.  Please list music correctly.  If opus numbers exist, please use them.  Please use appropriate standard catalog numbers for the following composers:  J.S. Bach - BMV (Bach Werke Verzeichnis); Haydn - Hob. 1, 1 (Hoboken Catalo6, Gruppe I, No. 1); Mozart - KV (Koechel Verzeichnis); Schubert - D (Deutsch Catalog); D. Scarlatti - K (Kirkpatrick Number).

2.  If a tempo marking occurs within a movement, please separate sections by a semi-colon, (e.g. Adagio; Vivace; Adagio).  In the case of certain movements having a generic title, please use a colon to separate from a tempo marking, (e.g., Menuetto:  Allegretto vivace) - in Italian tempo markings, only the first word is capitalized.

3.  Please be accurate about all foreign language titles and markings; i.e., acute accents, umlauten, etc.

4.  As there is more than one Bach, he must be identified.  (Use complete first and last names for all composers.)

5.  Contemporary works should be dated as to date of composition.  The composer should be listed with name in full, also with dates.  In the case of recent vintage, (e.g. Hindemith) his date should also be included - also include date of composition.  (Please check Baker's Biological Dictionary of Musicians and Storm Bull:  Index to Biographies of Contemporary Composers for dates.)


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