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Intermediate ASL II Portfolio Presentations

Intermediate ASL II Portfolio Presentations

What is the Portfolio Presentation?
Students in Intermediate II hoping to register for any upper level courses within the ASL program,  will need to make an appointment to present their portfolio and demonstrate their progress in ASL and Deaf culture/history to a panel of instructors, prior to the end of their semester of ASL IV.  The purpose of the presentation is to:

  1. Demonstrate your ASL skills.
  2. Provide you with an opportunity for self-evaluation and for collective feedback prior to committing to additional ASL coursework.
  3. Provide an experience in conversing in ASL which would be similar to what you might encounter in some employment interviews.  Please wear clothing appropriate to a job interview.
  4. Give you an opportunity to discuss your plans for your community service project(s) in Advanced ASL I and II.
  5. Provide an outcome measurement between year two and three for program accreditation purposes.

How do I schedule a portfolio presentation?
Intermediate ASL II students should contact Professor Sheila Owolabi ( to arrange for their portfolio presentations. Presentations need to be scheduled prior to the Intermediate ASL II midterm and completed prior to the end of the semester. The presentations are only scheduled in March and April for Spring Semester and in August for Summer Session. If you miss a deadline, you will need to wait until the next round of presentations.

How should I prepare for the presentation?
Your portfolio should contain your work up to that point.  Starting in Fall 2007, you will also keep a DVD of your signing progress in your portfolio.

During your presentation, you'll discuss where you started with ASL and your progress since then; your areas of strength and areas where you would like to focus more effort; and specific information you have learned, for example through your community service project. In addition, we would like you to explain your general plan/goal/ideas for completing your community service hours during Advanced ASL I and II. This may be a discussion of your interests, a project you have begun to design, or organizations you hope to work with.  It might also just be several loosely related ideas, which you might need some help organizing into a cohesive plan.

While you are presenting, the panel will be evaluating your ability to use different kinds of classifiers, directional verbs, varied sentence types, and varied vocabulary. You should also plan to demonstrate your ability to fingerspell, use loan signs/lexicalized signs, and idioms.

During and after your presentation, the panel members will ask you questions.  Have your portfolio with you, in an organized manner, to be used to help illustrate your presentation.  Don’t worry about trying to incorporate multimedia presentations or Power Point - we're not looking for a technology skills, only a review of your progress and an illustration of your ASL skills.

Presentations will be in ASL. Doing a presentation while in Intermediate ASL II can be stressful, because you may not be feeling very confident yet in your skills. The panel understands that this is the case.  Use visual information from your portfolio to supplement the explanations you can give in ASL. Point to items and/or show things from your portfolio. Practice your presentation prior to your scheduled date. Ask for help, feedback, and suggestions from the ASL lab mentors and/or specific instructors while you are rehearsing.  Be sure to get adequate rest the night before and arrive early for your presentation so that you don't feel rushed.