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Past Colloquium




Fall Semester 2009

Aug. 4

Gregory A. Kriegsmann (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Analysis in Time Harmonic Waves in Media with Periodic Index of Refraction

Sept 10

Ronny Ramlau (Johannes Kepler University, Austria)

Regularization with sparsity constraints - Regularization properties, convergence rates and optimization.

Sept  24

Ivan Avramidi (New Mexico Tech)

Heat kernel asymptotics on manifolds

Oct. 1

Bernardo Cascales (University of Murcia, Spain)

Vector and multi-valued integration

Oct. 8

Fedor Nazarov (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 

Zeroes of Gaussian entire functions

Oct. 15

Carsten Schütt (Universität Kiel, Germany)

On the Santalo point of a convex body

Oct. 29

Ben Otto (Bowling Green State University)

Bounding the nilpotent class of an algebra

Nov. 5

Leonid Kovalev (Syracuse University)

Banach spaces with a uniformly continuous approximate duality map

Nov. 10

Johann Boos (University of Hagen, Germany)

On some 'duality' of the Nikodym property and the Hahn property 

Nov. 19

Maosheng Xiong (Penn State University)

Statistics for zeros of zeta functions in a family of curves

Dec. 10

James Wilson (Ohio State University)

A radical and semisimple structure for p-groups and other nilpotent objects

Dec. 15

Petr Honzik (Institute of Mathematics of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)

Examples in the singular integral operator theory

Spring Semester 2009

Jan. 29

Mathieu Meyer (Universite Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallee, France)

Functional inequalities related to the volume product of convex bodies

Feb. 12

Dmitry Novikov (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)

Constructive solution to infinitesimal Hilbert 16th problem

Feb. 13

Fedor Nazarov (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

New estimates for the length of the lemniscate

Feb. 19

Truyen Nguyen (University of Akron)

Pressureless Euler/ Euler-Poisson systems via adhesion dynamics

March 5

Monica Ludwig (Polytechnic Institute of New York University)

Sobolev inequalities and the L_p Brunn-Minkowski theory

March 10

Lev Kapitanski (University of Miami)

Dynamics with choice

March 12

Markus Niess (Katholische Universitat Eichstatt, Germany)

Universal functions and power series

March 13

Alexandre Kirillov (University of Pennsylvania)

Family algebras and Deligne's discovery

March 19

Carsten Schütt (Universität Kiel, Germany)

Uniform estimates for order statistics

March 26

Harald Ellers (Allegheny College)

The group algebra C[S_n] is (almost) exactly like the polynomial algebra C[X_1,...,X_n]

April 23

Wen-Fong Ke (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)

Matrix nearrings over planar nearrings

April 30

Alexander Fish (Ohio State University) 

Expander phenomena for Bohr sets 

May 7

Shan-Hu Lee (Kent State University)

Atmospheric aerosol nucleation and growth: nanoparticles to climate change

Fall Semester 2008

Aug. 18

Mikhail Ostrovskii (St.John's University)

Sufficient enlargements of minimal volume for finite dimensional normed linear spaces

Sept 11

Mark Lewis (Kent State University)

Generalizing Camina groups and associated ideas

Sept 25

Artem Zvavitch (Kent State University)

Brunn-Minkowski type inequalities for Gaussian measure

Oct. 9

Fiorella Sgallari (University of Bologna, Italy)

Numerical experience in PDE image and surface processing

Oct. 16

Per Enflo (Kent State University)

Orbits of operators and invariant subspaces

Oct. 23

Jian Shen (Texas State University)

On the Frame-Stewart conjecture about the towers of Hanoi

Oct. 30

Joe Zeno (ACS Industries)

ACS Industries

Nov. 6

Gang Yu (Kent State University)

Comparison of $L1$- and $L^{\infty}$-norms of squares of polynomials

Nov. 13

J.P. Cossey (University of Akron)

Alperin weights, odd groups, and normal subgroups

Nov. 20

Luis Rademacher (Geogia Institute of Technology)

Expanders via random spanning trees

Dec. 4

Alexander Stokolos (DePaul University)

Differentiation of integrals in R^2

Dec. 11

Richard R. Thomas (Omnova Solutions Inc)


Spring Semester 2008

Jan. 24

Boris Mordukhovich (Wayne State University)

"Variational analysis: new trends and applications"

Feb. 5

Manuel Maestre (University of Valencia, Spain)

"Strips in C of uniform but non absolute convergence of a Dirichlet series"

Feb. 14

Mark Rudelson (University of Missouri-Columbia)

"Invertibility and condition number of random matrices"

Feb. 15

Christofer Siefert (Sandia National Laboratories)

"Algebraic multigrid and a compatible gauge reformulation of Maxwell equations"

Feb. 19

Raf Vandebril (University of Hasselt, Belgium)

"Structured rank matrices and eigenvalue problems"

Feb. 21

Sebastien Loisel (Temple University)

"Optimized Schwarz methods"

Feb. 22

Hongchao Zhang (University of Minnesota)

"Advances in box-constrained optimization"

Feb. 28

Dave Ruller (City Manager of Kent)

"City budget from the pespective of the city manager"

March 6

Vitali Milman (Tel Aviv University)

"Asymptotic Geometric Analysis: the Concept of Polarity and Geometrization of Probability"

March 7

Wei Zhu (Courant Institute)

"Modeling and simulation of liquid crystal elastomers"

March 13

Kiseop Lee (University of Louisville)

"Estimation of liquidity cost"

April 1

Michael Filaseta (University of South Carolina)

"Diophantine equations arising from the study of Galois groups"

April 3

Luoding Zhu (Indiana University - Purdue University)

"A viscous flow past a flexible fiber thethered at the midpoint: drag reduction and vortex shedding"

April 8

Stanislav  Zabic (Philips Healthcare)

"Basics of image reconstruction from tomographic data"

April 10

Mike Ferrara (University of Akron)

"Two variants of the Turan problem"

April 17

Martin Isaacs (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

"Numbers of class sizes and character degrees"

April 18

Fulvio Bisi (University of Pavia, Italy)

"Quadrupolar mean-torgue molecular field model for biaxial nematic liquid crystals"

April 22

Mercedes Siles Molina (University of  Malaga, Spain)

"An introduction to Leavitt path algebras"

April 24

Pramod Kanwar (Ohio University)

"Group algebras in which complements are summands"

April 29

Semyon Alesker (Tel Aviv University)

"A Fourier type transform on translation invariant valuations on convex sets"

May 6

Vladimir Matsaev (Tel Aviv University)

"On linear representations of nonlinear operator functions"

May 8

Igor Pritsker (Oklahoma State University)

"Moments of equilibrium measures and extremal problems"

May 21

Apala Majumdar (University of Oxford, U.K.)

"The Q-tensor theory for liquid crystals"

Fall Semester 2007

Sept 6

Elijah Liflyand (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

"Some open problems on Hausdorff operators"

Sept 13

Volodymyr  Andriyevskyy (Kent State University)

"Positive harmonic functions on Denjoy domains in the complex plane"

Sept 20

Jose M. Ansemil (Univ. Complutense de Madrid, Spain)

"Fourier Analysis, Signal Processing and Applications"

Sept 27

Evgeny Poletsky (Syracuse University)

"Hardy and Bergman spaces in hyperconvex domains and their composition operators"

Oct. 4

Han Ju Lee (University of Missouri - Columbia)

"Bishop's theorem and denseness of strong peak functions"

Oct. 9

Alexander Koldobsky (University of Missouri - Columbia)

"The complex  Busemann - Petty problem on sections of convex bodies"

Oct. 11

Mark Meckes (Case Western Reserve University)

"Large random Toeplitz matrices"

Oct. 18

Leonid Makar-Limanov (Wayne State University)

"AK-invariant , some conjectures, examples and counterexamples"

Oct. 18

Ualbai Umirbaev (Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan)

"Automorphisms of polynomial and free algebras"

Oct. 25

Pietro Poggi-Corradini (Kansas State University)

"Some new versions of Schwarz's lemma using diameters, capacity and area"

Nov. 8

Hassan Allouba (Kent State University)

"Fourth Order BTP SPDEs on  $\Rp\times\Rd$: Brownian-time random walk SDDEs limits solutions and dimension-dependent regularity for $1\le d\le3$"

Nov. 14

Matej Bresar (University of Maribor, Slovenia)

"Functional Identities"

Nov. 15

Peter Semrl (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

"Positive maps"

Nov. 27

Lowell D. Harris (Philips Healthcare)

"Topics of Active Research for Modern Day Computed Tomography"

Nov. 29

Kevin Woods (Oberlin College)

"Solving Lattice Point Problems Using Rational Generating Functions"

Dec. 6

George Coder (EPA)

"Environmental issues and applications in mathematics"

Spring Semester 2007

Feb. 8

Lars Winther Christensen (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

"How to recognize finiteness of Gorenstein homological dimensions"

Feb. 13

Lee Klingler  (Florida Atlantic University)


Feb. 15

Sean Sather-Wagstaff  (Kent State University and  University of California, Dominguez-Hills)

"Homological algebra of local ring homomorphisms."

Feb. 22

Imre Patyi (Georgia State University)

"On inequalities in complex analysis"

March 8

Jennifer L. Golek ( DuPont Quality Management and Technology)

"DuPont and Six Sigma: The Journey"

March 13

Diana White (University of Nebraska)

"Resolutions and relative cohomology"

March 15

Chi-Kwong Li (College of William and Mary)

"The numerical range and its generalizations"

March 20

Evgenia Soprunova (Cleveland State University)

"Lower bounds for the number of real solutions to sparse polynomial systems"

March 22

Juan J. Manfredi (University of Pittsburgh)

"Quasilinear elliptic equations in the Heisenberg group"

April 5

Michael Shelley (Courant Institute, New York University)

"Random walks and complex fluids"

April 6

Richard Jordan (Mount Holyoke College)

 "An (incomplete) overview of deterministic and stochastic models for the spatiotemporal spread of epidemics" 

April 19

Yimin Xiao (Michigan State University)

"Anisotropic Gaussian random fields and their sample path properties"

April  23

Ionut Florescu (Stevens Institute)

"Option pricing for stochastic volatility models using a highly recombining tree"

April 26

Grigoris Paouris (Univ. de Marne-la-Vallee, France)

"Concentration of mass on convex bodies"

April 27

Olympia Hadjiliadis (Princeton University)

"Detecting a regime change & connections to mathematical finance"

May 3

Mikhail Ostrovskii (St John's University)

"Minimal-volume sufficient enlargements for normed spaces, projections of cubes, and discrete Sobolev spaces" 

May 4

Jozsef Szabados (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) 

"Interpolation by elliptic functions"

Fall Semester 2006

Sept 7

Ivan Soprunov (Cleveland State University)

"Residues and Newton Polytopes"

Sept 14

Richard Gardner (Western Washington University)

"Discrete X-rays."

Sept 19

Bernard Beauzamy and Olga Zeydina (Société de Calcul Mathématique)

"Probabilistic methods for reconstructing missing data in chronological series."

Sept 21

Deane Yang (Polytechnic University)

"Sharp Affine Isoperimetric Inequalities"

Sept 26

Anders Frankild (University of Copenhagen)

"Gorenstein Rings"

Oct. 5

Erwin Mina-Diaz (Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne)

"Polynomials Orthogonal over Regions Bounded by Analytic Jordan."

Oct. 12

Loukas Grafakos  (University of Missouri, Columbia)

"Convergence of Fourier series: Geometric aspects of linear and multilinear nature"

Oct. 19

Andrey E. Shishkov (IAMM of NAS of Ukraine and University of Bristol)

"Initial, boundary and final singularities for general quasilinear parabolic equations"

Oct. 31

Hermann Koenig (Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel)

"On the problem of the best constant in the Grothendieck inequality"

Nov. 2

Igor Pritsker (Oklahoma State University)

"Polynomial inequalities, Mahler's measure, and multipliers"

Nov. 9

Sean Sather-Wagstaff (Kent State University)

"Homotopy-theory techniques in commutative algebra"

Nov. 16

Evgenia Soprunova (Cleveland State University)


Summer Semester 2006

June 29

André Sonnet (University of Strathclyde)

Flow and Orientation of Nematic Liquid Crystals

Spring Semester 2006


John F. Hamilton, Jr (Kodak Company)

Real life problems and mathematical approaches seriece: " Algorithms for Digital Color Cameras."

Jan. 26

Vlad Yaskin,(University of Missouri-Columbia)

"The Busemann-Petty problem in non-Euclidean spaces."

Feb. 7

Vadim Ponomarenko (Trinity University)

"Paper Football, Vending Machines, and Chicken McNuggets."

Feb. 9

Brian Curtin (University of South Florida)

"Bose-Mesner algebras."

Feb. 10

Hai Dinh (Kent State University, Trumbull)

"Equivalence and Structure of Linear Codes Over Finite Rings."

Feb. 14

Geoffrey Buhl (Rugters University)

"J, the Monster, and vertex operator algebras."

Feb. 16

Gerhard Dangelmayr (Colorado State University)

"Globally Coupled Ginzburg Landau Equations for Electroconvection in Nematic Liquid Crystals."

Feb. 17

Andrew Sills (Rutgers University)

<"Integer Partitions and Identities of the Rogers-Ramanujan Type."

Feb. 20

Kirk Weller (University of North Texas)


Feb. 21

Jesse Deutsch

“Geometry of Numbers Proof of Gotzky's Four Squares Theorem; An Historical Perspective”

Feb. 23

Pradipta Bandyopadhyay (Indian Statistical Institute)

"Linear structures in the set of norm-attaining functionals on a Banach space."

Feb. 23

Gang Yu (University of South Carolina)

 Some problems related to elliptic curves

Feb. 24

Hugh Montgomery (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)


March 9-12

Conference to Celebrate the Life and Work of Vladimir Gurariy


March 16

Marguerite A. Erme (Akron Health Department)

Real life problems and mathematical approaches seriece:  "TBA"

March 24

Frederi Viens (Purdue University)


April 6

Juergen Batt (University of Munich)

"Nonlinear Operators on spaces C(S)"

April 11

Ljiljana Cvetkovic (University of Novi Sad)

"H-matrices and Eigenvalue Localization"

April 14

Sean Sather-Wagstaff (California State University)

"Vanishing of functions on intersections of algebraic varieties."

April 20

Misha Chebotar (Southern Taiwan University of Technology)

"On Herstein's Lie map conjectures "

April 20

Margaret Upton (UCLA)

"Galois Representations Attached to Picard Curves."

April 21

Chin-Yi Chan (University of Arkansas)

"A length formula in the linkage theory and its applications to multiplicities"

April 27

Razvan Anisca (Lakehead University)

"Unconditional decompositions in general Banach spaces"

May 4

Roland Opfer (Philips Research Laboratories Hamburg, Germany)

"Tight frame expansions of multiscale reproducing kernels in Sobolev spaces"

Fall Semester 2005

Sept 1

Mar Jimenez (The Universidad Complutense Madrid)

"Approximation by C^p smooth functions with no critical points on separable Banach spaces".

Sept 8

Hugh Montgomery (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

"Favorite inequalities".

Sept 15

Elisabeth Werner (Case Western Reserve University)

"Approximation of the Euclidean ball by polytopes" .

Sept 20

Gabriel Prajitura  (SUNY Brockport)

"Invariant subspaces and invariant sets"

Sept 22

Vladimir Matsaev (Tel Aviv University)

"Numerical Range. A new look after Lyubich-Markus. "

Oct. 6

Carsten Schütt (Universität Kiel)

"Maxima and minima of a sequence of random variables."

Oct. 13

Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann (University of Alberta)

"Random subspaces and quotients of finite-dimensional spaces."

Oct. 20

William Bannon (Bestway Systems)

Real life problems and mathematical approaches seriece: "Logistic problems in the trucking industry".

Oct. 25

Biswa Datta (Northern Illinois University)

"Recent Advances in Computational Methods for Structured Inverse Eigenvalue Problems for Quadratic Matrix and Operator Pencils : Linking Mathematics to Industry "

Oct. 27

Mark Rudelson  (University of Missouri-Columbia)

"Geometric approach to error correcting codes".

Nov. 3

Alex Iosevich (University of Missouri-Columbia)

"Erdos distance problem in vector spaces over finite fields."

Nov. 10

Evgeny Poletsky (Syracuse University)

"Quasianalyticity and Pluripolarity".

Nov. 17

Vladimir Gurarii (Swinburne University of  Technology) 

"When is an analytic function uniquely defined by its asymptotic expansion?"

Dec. 8

Alexander Shnirelman  (Concordia University)

The mystery of 2-dimensional ideal incompressible fluid

Spring Semester 2005

Jan. 27

Ignacio Zalduendo(Universidad Di Tella, Argentina)

Orthogonally additive polynomials over C(K)

Feb. 9 -13

Infinite Dimensional Analysis Conferemce: An Irish-American Mathematical Festival on the Occcasion of the 60th Birthday of Prof. Richard Aron and the 61th Birthday pf Prof. Sean Dineen.


Feb. 17

Miguel Martin (Universidad de Granada)

The Daugavet property

Feb. 24

Richard Varga (Kent State University)

The Dynamical Motion of the Zeros of s_n(z), the Partial Sums of exp(z), as a Function of n

March 1

Joerg Berns-Mueller ( University of Frankfurt)

Inexect Inverse Iteration

March 3

Stanislaw Szarek (Case Western Reserve University)

Duality of metric entropy

March 10

Maribel Bueno (College of William and Mary)

DARBOUX TRANSFORMATION AND ORTHOGONAL POLYNOMIALS: Matrix interpretation and numerical aspects

March 31

Tom Wolf  (Ohio University)

Global and local interaction of group theory and character theory

April 14

Vladimir Peller (Michigan State University)

Multiple operator integrals and operator differentiability of functions.

April 21

Oana Mocioalca(Kent State University)

Stochastic calculus for summable processes

April 28

Hai Q. Dinh (Kent State University- Trumbull)

Generalizations of Cyclic Codes over Integers Modulo 2^

May 3

Bernard Beauzamy 

The use of probabilities in order to represent, store, exploit, the information given by physical measurements

May 5

Alexander Karp (Columbia University)

Teaching Mathematics to High School Students interested in Humanities: Russian Experience

Fall Semester 2004