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NEW Graduate student resources


There are probably a lot of questions that you might have when first starting the graduate program in the Mathematical Sciences department. We will try to include a lot of those questions below. In the meantime, there are a few essential things that you will need to take care of your first semester of graduate study:

  1. Your User Account: You will need to make sure that you apply for a Department computer system account. This includes an email address, web space, and server space for saving files (our systems department backs up all servers regularly). 

    Fill out the User Account Sign-up form.  After you fill out this form you will receive a confirmation email.  Click on the link found in the email.  Review the information and confirm by clicking the confirmation button at the bottom of the page.  *NOTE: Please look closely at the top of the confirmation email page.  This is where you will find information regarding initial login and password.  

    If you have a office computer, you can login using your Math Department username and password (created above).  Be aware that any files stored locally (C: drive) are not backed up and will be lost if the computer dies or needs to be reloaded.  It is recommended to store important files on your server home directory (H: drive), which is backed up each night, or keep a copy on an external usb device.  Avoid storing large personal data files (such as music and/or video files) on your server home directory because space is limited.  There are services on the internet that provide free space that can be used for this.  Also, please read and follow the Department Computer System Policies, Rules, and Procedures.                                             
  2. The GRAD email list: When you arrive on campus you will establish a departmental email address (instructions above), the next step after getting your department email address is getting yourself added to the "Grad mass email list". This is an email list that is used for sending notices to all math graduate students. If there is an important announcement, then it will be sent to you IF you are on the Grad email list. If you have an important announcement that needs to reach ALL graduate students in the department, then you can send the email to the Grad email list. It is strongly requested that every MATH graduate student sign up for this email list. To sign up, send an email (from your new math or Kent State email address) to with "subscribe to grad email list" in the subject line. The systems staff will approve your subscription and you will receive a confirmation email. Should you ever need to remove yourself from the list, send email to the same address with the word "unsubscribe from grad email list" using the email address you used to sign up for the list. To send an email to everyone on the list, send email to This list should only be used for official communications, or for messages that are really appropriate to send to all graduate students. Do not use this e-mail list to send out spam, ads, amusing stories, etc.
  3. ORIENTATION: At the beginning of each Fall semester, there are orientation meetings for all graduate students. Each orientation is different depending on if you are an international student or U.S. student, or if you have an assistantship or you are unsupported financially. It is important that you make plans to attend these orientations the week (or earlier) before the Fall semester.

    You should receive emails about these orientations. If you have not received notice of them at least a month before the semester, then you should contact Virginia Wright to make sure that your current email is correct in her files or to make sure that you are on the list. (Please keep in mind that once you are admitted to Kent State, then the "" email address is considered the official means of communication with you. Please check this regularly.

    Please take a look at the University Orientation Schedule for Teaching Assistants for useful information.

    There is also a Graduate Student Welcome meeting in the Math Department on the Tuesday before Fall semester (usually at 1:00 pm).

    IF YOU ARE ENTERING DURING SPRING SEMESTER: Please contact the graduate coordinator to make sure that you are notified of special orientations before the semester, as these are usually less frequent and smaller sessions than Fall semester. 
  4. REGISTRATION: Make sure that you pay attention to posted registration deadlines on the Kent State University website. To register, you will need to login to your FlashLine Account and use the "Student Tools" tab.  

    What do I register for? This is a good question to ask the graduate coordinator if you aren't sure what to register for. Most students start by taking any courses required of them through conditional admission, or they take some of the sequence courses recommended in the graduate catalog for Pure or Applied Math. Students in the Math for Secondary Teacher's program have a more rigid course outline and they should contact Dr. Jenya Soprunova for assistance.

    How many hours should I take? This depends on you. If you have an assistantship, you are required to take 8 or more hours. It is recommended that you don't overextend yourself far beyond that though since you have 20 hours of service work for the department on an assistantship. If you are teaching in the department part time, you will also have your hands full, so anywhere between 4-8 hours should be fine. Again, it is up to you and how much time you have to dedicate to your coursework. If you are unsure, talk to the Graduate Coordinator.


Directions to the Department

To get to Kent State from various highways follow the directions. The Mathematics and Computer Science Building is located two buildings southeast of the Student Center on Summit Street, between Campus Center Drive and Rhodes Road. The building is easily spotted due to the wavy roof. 

Maps and Directions page
Download a map for your iPOD

The City of Kent, Ohio

Kent, Ohio is a city full of history, culture, diversity, and trees!  If you would like to learn more about Kent, Ohio, you can visit the Kent-Ohio webpage, or you can also see what the weather is like by visiting and typing in zip code 44240.

Our Staff

Q: Who is the Graduate Coordinator?

A: Dr. Artem Zvavitch.  His office is on the third floor, MSB 364. He is the full-time Graduate Coordinator. You are welcome to talk to Dr. Zvavitch at anytime. His email address is If it is not urgent, then it is best to talk to Patty Housley.

Q: Who is the Chair of the Department?

A: Dr. Andrew Tonge.  Dr. Tonge is located in the main Math office on the second floor of the building, MSB 233A.  If you would like to know more about him, feel free to visit his Dr. Tonge's webpage.

Q: Who is the Administrative Assistant?

A: Virginia Wright.  Virginia is located in the main Math office on the second floor, MSB 233B.  If you have questions, contact her at (330) 672-9045 or email her at

Forms and Paperwork

Q: Now that I have been accepted to Kent State, what do I need  to do?

A: Once you have become a graduate student, you need to visit the department and arrange to be assigned an advisor (or talk to the Graduate Coordinator). This can be done anytime in that first year. That advisor (or the Grad Coordinator) will help you decide what courses you need to start with. After that you can register for classes. Next you need to fill out the User Account Signup Form in order to apply for a computer account within the building. This provides you with a login for the labs in the building, as well as your office and a departmental email address. Your department email address is CRITICAL in contacting you with important information about the graduate program.  Refer to the "Grad email list" section, found at the top of this page,  for more details.

If you are going to have an assistantship: you will receive an offer letter in the mail.  Patty Housley must receive a response from you with your signature which tells us that you are accepting the assistantship. Then there is a packet of forms that you will be given (or mailed) that you need to fill out.  The CONTRACT as well as the PACKET OF FORMS need to be turned in, so your assistantship can be officially processed.

International students
  • Must fill out their I-9 form with the International Office FIRST.
  • Must fill out the Federal, State and City tax forms with Kristina Donnelly in the Payroll office located in MSC 236. To make an appointment with her call 330-672-8641.

Q: I'm coming from outside the United States - are there special forms or processes that I need to take care of before I get to campus?

A: Yes. If you are an international student, and you have not received any information from the International Department, then you should contact them regarding your I-20, and your visa information. You should have also filled out an Ethnic Data Form and a Financial Worksheet (included with your admissions materials). The phone number for the International Student and Scholar Services office is: (330)672-7980. You can also visit the International Student and Scholar Services website.  Also, look over the other helpful links in the other sections and pages of the Math website.

Don't forget to check out the Policy on Role and Status of Graduate Student Appointees.  It should have been included with your offer letter. If it was not please let Virginia Wright know.  You should also have received the Mathematical Sciences Graduate Student Handbook.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid website for Kent State University

Graduate Assistantship Application - Go to this page to apply, or re-apply for a Graduate Assistantship. A Graduate Assistantship requires you to work 20 hours per week for the Department of Mathematical Sciences while receiving a stipend and tuition waiver. To continue your assistantship, you must show progress in your graduate program and maintain at least 8 hours of study per semester.

Great links for new incoming students! (not JUST international students!)

The Graduate Student Organization for Translation and Languages - Scroll all the way down to find the Kent Lingua help pages.

The International Student Handbook - has a lot of information for international students (and even maybe for citizens?)

International Student and Scholar Services

The ISSS Department website

The Office of International Affairs website

 International Students should look here for answers to frequently asked questions about admissions and forms

Immigration and Naturalization Offices

Immigration and Naturalization Offices

Cleveland Immigration Office information

1-(800) 375-5283 - Toll free number for general information

Your Kent State I.D. - The FlashCard (for students new to Kent State University)

Q: What is a FlashCard?

A: The FlashCard is your Kent State University ID card and more. Your card will let you take materials out of the KSU Libraries, access services such as SRWC & athletic events, and purchase goods and services both on and off campus. If you have a food plan, you will use your FlashCard to purchase meals in our cafeterias. You may also deposit money on your FlashCard and create a debit account. This plan, now known as FlashCash (previously called the Golden FlashCard), will allow you to make purchases both on and off campus wherever the FlashCard is accepted.

Q: How do I get a FlashCard?

A: In order to get your Kent State University FlashCard you must come to room 104 in the Kent Student Center with a photo I.D. It is located just off the lobby next to Huntington Bank and are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm.

Q: What is the Residence Hall food plan?

A: The Food Plan is a prepaid dining plan that is required for all Kent State University residence hall students. The Food Plan is preloaded onto your FLASH account before you arrive.  Any money not used in the fall will carry over into the spring semester. Money from the spring semester does not carry over into the next academic year and is non-refundable.

Your food plan can be used in any of our Dining Services locations. When you go to purchase your meal, just give your FlashCard to the cashier and the amount of the sale will be deducted from your account. Be sure to check your account balance after each purchase. If you run out of money don't worry, more can be added to your account. For details on how to do this please refer to the question "How do I add more money to my accounts?"

Q: What is FlashCash?

A: FlashCash is a prepaid purchase plan ideal for students, faculty, staff, or anyone who frequently visits the Kent State University Campus. It works like a credit card in reverse. You make an initial deposit to your account, and charges are deducted as you make purchases, much like a debit card issued from your bank. Money on this account carries over yearly and is fully refundable.

Q: How do I add more money to my account?

A:  1) Visit room 104 in the Kent State Student Center and make a deposit via check, credit card, or cash.
      2) You can also add to your account by going online.

Q: Do I need any other ID?

A: No. The FlashCard is the only ID you will need on the Kent State University campus although it does not hurt to carry another form of personal identification.

Q: What if my FlashCard is lost or stolen?

A: The first thing you MUST do is report it to the FlashCard Office. This is especially important if you have money on your account. There are a number of ways to report a missing card. First you can stop by the FlashCard office and both report your FlashCard missing and pick up a new card at the same time. If it is a weekday during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., and you are unable to stop in at the time you realize that you card is gone, you can call the FlashCard office and they will remove your card from the system. When you have time you will have stop by to pick up a new FlashCard. Finally, if the FlashCard office is closed at the time your card is lost or stolen, you can "turn off" your account with the cashier of any Dining Services location.  No matter how you "turn off" your card, you will need to bring one form of photo identification and a replacement fee of $10.00 to the FlashCard office in order to pick up your new FlashCard.

Q: What if my FlashCard is damaged?

A: Bring your damaged card to the FlashCard Office. You will be issued a replacement free of charge.

Q: What if I have money left on my FlashCash account?

A: If you have money left on your FlashCash account at the end of the semester, it will transfer over to the following term. The balance on your FlashCash card can be refunded back to you at any time. To obtain a refund please call the FlashCard office at (330) 672-CARD [2273].


Q. When should I arrive?

A. All new graduate students must plan on arriving to Kent State about a week and a half before classes start. International students should contact the International Student and Scholar Services office to discuss when their flight should arrive, but International Student Orientation is usually before all other Graduate Orientation. All students with assistantships should make sure they arrive in time for Graduate Student Orientation. Arriving a day or more early will help you process any paperwork that might need to be done if you have an assistantship.

I'm not sure what questions you might have about International Travel, but I'm sure they would best be answered by International Students and Scholar Services

Living Arrangements

Q: How do I make living reservations ON campus?

A: You need to contact Residence Services. They have an online application form that you need to fill out and turn back in.

Q: How do I find an apartment OFF campus?

A: The Center for Student Involvement  has great resources for living off campus.  If you are an international student, I HIGHLY suggest that you view this housing information from the International Office before searching for an apartment.