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Staff Directory - By Name

Fiscal Mgr, Sr
Phone: 330-672-8634
Business Mgr
Phone: 330-672-1695
Library Associate
Phone: 330-308-7420
Dean, University Libraries
Phone: 330-672-2962
Library Director RC
Phone: 330-339-3391
Assistant Dean for Engagement and Outreach
Phone: 330-672-1660
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1693
Head, Performing Arts Library, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1667
Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 330-672-1656
Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-2876
Sr Library Assistant
Phone: 330-339-3391
Senior Applications Developer
Phone: 330-672-1649
Collection Management Librarian, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-5000
Digital Projects Librarian, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1465
Librarian for the College of Education, Health, & Human Services. Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-1657
OhioLINK Lending Coordinator
Phone: 330-672-1670
Rec & Del Coord - Univ Lib
Phone: 330-672-1859
Librarian, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1668
Public Services Librarian, Special Collections and Archives, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1675
Reference & Instruction Librarian, Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-1659
Sr Applications Developer
Phone: 330-672-1651
Head Joseph F. Morbito Architecture Library & June F. Mohler Fashion Library
Phone: 330-672-0931
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1692
Head, Special Collections and Archives, Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-1677
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1655
Library Director, RC
Phone: 330-675-8866
Serials/ERM Librarian, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-4516
Phone: 330-672-1663
Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1642
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1947
Mktg, Comm & Pub Rel Dir, UL
Phone: 330-672-1886
University Archivist, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1639
First Year Experience Librarian
Phone: 330-672-2564
Library Director, Stark Campus, Professor
Phone: 330-244-3326
Marketing Associate
Phone: 330-672-1852
Manager, Student Multimedia Studio
Phone: 330-672-1848
Assistant Dean, University Libraries
Phone: 330-672-1646
Head, Copyright and Document Services, Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-1641
Associate Professor; Library Director, RC
Phone: 330-337-4215
Accounting Specialist
Phone: 330-672-1687
Sr. Reference Associate
Phone: 330-672-1685
Sr Applications Supprt Analyst
Phone: 330-672-1918
Reference & Instruction Librarian, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1661
Sr Secretary
Phone: 330-672-1680
Music and Media Catalog Librarian, Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-6316
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 330-672-4483
Assistant Professor / Business Librarian
Phone: 330-672-1683
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1689
Lead IT User Support Analyst
Phone: 330-672-3647
Head, Metadata & Catalog, Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-1702
Sr Library Associate
Catalog Librarian, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1703
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1946
Special Collections Cataloger, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1678
Accounts Payable Specialist
Phone: 330-672-8228
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1669
Photocopier Technician, Mailroom Staff
Phone: 330-672-1858
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1690
Reference Librarian
Phone: 330-675-8879
Catalog Librarian, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1699
Database Maintenance Librarian, Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-7875
Library Director, CPM
Phone: 216-916-7506
Asst Dean, Univ Libraries
Phone: 330-672-1841
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1847
Sr Applications Developer
Phone: 330-672-3090
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1854
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-1698
Document Delivery and Institutional Repository Manager, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1633
Head of Reference Services, Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-1664
Mgr, Reserve Services
Phone: 330-672-1684
Library Associate
Phone: 330-675-8895
Librarian, Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-1658
Head Map Library, Subject Librarian for Geography & Geology, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1674
Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-2751
Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1856
Sr Applications Suprt Analyst
Phone: 330-672-1648
Copyright & Intlib Loan Assoc
Phone: 330-672-1634
Head, Acquisitions, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1682
Circulation Manager (Evening), Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1672
Assistant Professor, Library Science
Phone: 440-964-4237
Operations Coordinator - Special Collections & Archives
Phone: 330-672-1676
Humanities Librarian, Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-3091
Sr Library Associate
Phone: 330-672-6312
Reference Center Manager, Assistant Professor
Phone: 330-672-1662
Assistant Professor, Science Librarian
Phone: 330-672-7693
Mgr, Collections
Phone: 330-672-1700
Manager, Statistical & Qualitative Software Consulting
Phone: 330-672-5323
Associate Professor
Phone: 330-672-1638