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FlashLine Guest Account

This service will create a Kent State University Guest account so that a visiting guest may access select university resources for a limited time. By following this process the guest will be granted access to FlashLine and LDAP. For access to additional resources, please see additional information below.

Please note that student guest accounts will be granted access only to FlashLine and the wireless network; additional access, such as email, must be requested and provisioned separately on a case-by-case basis. The user will not be able to access other Kent State services.

Costs associated with this service

No Charge

How to request this service

  1. Only sponsors may request a FlashLine guest account. The request must be submitted in the sponsor's name. The sponsor must be a full-time staff or faculty member of Kent State University.
  2. The sponsor contacts the Helpdesk at (330) 672-4357 or opens a new ticket through the support portal (
  3. In the Detailed Description field of the ticket, include the following:
    • Full Name of Sponsor.
    • Sponsor's Email.
    • Sponsor's Department.
    • Sponsor's phone number.
    • Full name of guest.
    • Guest's alternate email.
    • Guest's home address.
    • Guest's home phone number.
    • Guest's date of birth.
    • Date access expires.
    • Purpose of account (see Additional Information).
  4. Choose "Security, Access and Account Requests" for Request Type.
  5. Choose "Guest Account Creation/Deletion" for Security and Access Management Detail.
  6. The sponsor will be contacted by Access Management with the information pertaining to the account and instructions for resetting the password.
  7. Sponsor will notify each guest account requested and give them the information on how to set their password for the first time and their verification information. The guest will need this information when contacting the Technology Helpdesk for future password resets. Please instruct each guest to log onto with this password. The guest will then be instructed to change the password.

Service delivery process

Expected response time for acknowledgement:
2 business days

Expected response time for fulfillment:
2 business days

Service delivery hours:
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Excluding university breaks

Additional information

  1. The guest account expiration date cannot exceed 1 year. The account can be extended in 1 year increments by the sponsor contacting Access Management, prior to the account expiring.
  2. For access to additional resources for this guest account, please indicate the following as needed under PURPOSE of the account:
    • Active Directory – for access to wireless networks, file shares, or the KSU-VPN.
    • Email, Gmail – for an email account and access to KSU Google Apps.
    • Email, Exchange – for an email account including access to Outlook Calendaring.
    • MEE – for access to Departmental computers running McAfee Endpoint Encryption.
  3. Once the Flashline guest account is created, if the guest requires access to Banner INB, Cognos, or Document Imaging, the standard access process must be followed, located here:
  4. In the event the guest forgets their password, please follow the instructions here:
  5. If this request is for a Blackboard-only account for a Senior Guest, please contact the Office of Continuing and Distance Education.

Service provided by: Security and Access Management
Last revised: 2013-05-01 13:57:21

Customers eligible to request:

Staff Faculty Students Alumni Guests

Faculty: Must be full-time faculty
Staff: Must be full-time staff

Support Information
330-672-HELP (4357)