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Server Colocation

The Library Data Center provides the same housing, power and network connection for customer servers ensuring secure server storage, power supply, fire protection, data center grade air conditioning, and monitoring that IS managed servers receive. This 'Colocation' results in a 'CoLo' (colocated) server.

Costs associated with this service

Potential cost may be incurred for infrastructure if not already in place.

How to request this service

For CoLo server additions:

Download the three forms, type in your information, save the forms, and email them to IS Operations at

The three forms can be found here:

Request a network connection.

To do this, open a ticket at For request type, select "network/wireless access." For network details, select "move, add or change a wired network connection." Notify Data Center Operations once the request for network connection has been fulfilled.

You must provide the following:

  • A signed support agreement.
  • A completed owner information document.
  • A completed server migration document.
  • A submitted Parature ticket to request network connections.

To gain onsite access to your server, or to request a server power cycle, or a media mount:

Contact IS Operations at or 330-672-2552.

Requestor must have a CoLo Server Migration Owner Information form on file with IS Operations. Requestor (or designated backup administrator) must provide appropriate identification.

IS Operations 330-672-2552

Service delivery process

Expected response time for acknowledgement:
For CoLo server Adds, completed CoLo migration forms will be reviewed and approved by the Director of Operations. Submitted Help Desk ticket will be assigned to a network technician. Once all approvals have been granted, Data Center Operations will contact requester to schedule the migration of the server.

Onsite access and alert notifications 24/7/365 except for designated holidays are provided. Requests to restart systems or to mount media may be made during attended operations. Notification will be made to the requestor after request has been completed.

Expected response time for fulfillment:
For adding a CoLo Server, please submit request as early as possible. It can take up to one month to complete a request, depending on the availability of resources to implement request.

Onsite access requests will be granted immediately. In the event of an alert, Operations will contact you immediately. Remote requests for server power cycles or media mounts will be performed based on staff availability, normally same business day.

Service delivery hours:
CoLo server management is performed during IS Operations 24/7/365 schedule except for designated holidays

Additional information

The Knowledge Base at contains the following articles:

  • Standard UNIX Start Up and Shut Down,
  • Standard Windows Start Up and Shut Down, and
  • How to Configure a Windows 2000 or 2003 Server to Allow Shutdown without Logon.
These are provided to assist in determining if the server will require additional or different procedures to start up, shut down and configure to allow shutdown without logon.

To remove a CoLo server from the Data Center, fill out and send the DCO Request to Remove Equipment from the Data Center Form to to begin the process.


Service provided by: IS Operations
Last revised: 2013-05-01 08:10:18

Customers eligible to request:

Staff Faculty Students Alumni Guests

Support Information

Please call IS Operations at 330-672-2552. If no response, contact the Technology Helpdesk at 330-672-4357 (HELP) or at