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Known Issues

Known Issues for Blackboard Learn

Issues Affecting All Users

Description   Workaround/Resolution   Tool
Clicking on a Group Wiki may display the error message: "Unable to get pages for Wiki" article 8096-10896
  Enable Module Personalization to allow group Wiki editing:

1: In your Course Management Control Panel, go to Users and Groups > Groups

2: Hover your mouse over the group you would like to edit, click on the drop down menu (a grey circle with a white down arrow that appears when the mouse is over the group), and select Edit Group

3: Under 3. Module Personalization Setting, check off Allow Personalization

4: Click Submit
When the default entry page for a course is set to an external link (usually the KSU Helpdesk page), the course menu disappears. article 8096-9364
  This can be fixed by the instructor. The problem is resolved by clicking on the double rectangle button that appears near where the course menu would normally appear. This is the Display Course Menu in a Window button.
From here, the Course Management Control Panel can be accessed. Scroll down.

Under Control Panel, click on Customization > Teaching Style

Then, select a new entry point (Course Content, for example). After the new entry point has been selected, the menu will reappear.
Copy and paste does not paste text into the text fields in certain parts of Learn in Firefox or Chrome depending on where the text was copied from.   We recommend that students submit assignments as attachments instead of writing them directly into the text editor (which is recommended in general). Pasting from Microsoft Word also appears to work.   Text Editor
The default web linking in the text editor currently opens in the existing window unless the setting is changed by the professor. This can cause browsers to block the linked page from loading due to security issues.   When making a link in the text editor, these links must manually be set to open in a new window. Select Open in New Window from the Target drop-down menu:


  Text editor
The Text Editor spell checker does not activate automatically and must be enabled manually every time by the user. The browser's spell checker does not work inside Learn's text editor. article 8096-10897
  Manually activate the spell checker by clicking on the button on the right side of the middle row of buttons in the text editor. The button is labeled as ABC over a grey check mark. When hovering your mouse over the button, it will display the text: Toggle Spell Checker.


  Text Editor

Issues Affecting Instructors

Description   Workaround/Resolution   Tool
In Mac OS X, the Grade Center scroll bars are missing in Chrome and Safari   Workaround - Go to the OS X system preferences: Click on the Apple in the upper left corner, go to System Preferences, select the General preference pane.

    The middle section of the General preference pane controls when scroll bars appear and a few additional scroll bar options.

 To return the scroll bars to their pre-Lion functionality, select "Always" from the Show Scroll Bars options. The scroll bars will now always be visible, even when you're not scrolling.
  Grade Center
After logging into a course, the course menu that appears on the left portion of Learn classes is completely black.   This can be fixed by the instructor by using the Change Course Theme button (the color palate icon) that appears in the upper right corner of the screen left of the Edit Mode button to change the course theme to another theme. After it has been changed, the instructor can switch it back to the original theme and the menu should reappear.


When an instructor logs into a course, Edit Mode is always set to off. article 8096-10913
  For now, Edit Mode must be turned on manually when entering a course.


The Flickr Mashup tool generates the error message "We are unable to display the mashup content. This happens if the system detects an invalid URL. Remove the mashup item and try again to resolve this issue."

Support Article Pending
  For now, we recommend that Flickr images be linked to via web link, embedded when using the Flickr Mashup, or downloaded and loaded directly into the course.   Mashups
If a folder containing tests is set to unavailable, the tests will still be accessible by students if it has an entry in the Calendar Tool.   We recommend that faculty set availability in Test Options rather than in the folder that contains the test.   Calendar
After copying a discussion board, posts are anonymized to comply with FERPA regulations. The author should be able to be reset by the instructor, however they may receive the error message "Failed to process de-anonymization selection" when attempting to do this. It is a bug that affects our version of Blackboard Learn.   The post can be left with an anonymous author or the contents of the post can be copied into a text editor and reposted using your account.   Discussion Boards
When e-mailing a larger number of students or students with a long username, instructors may see an Apache error.

KB # pending
  There is not a work-around for this issue, but Blackboard has indicated that the error message does not prevent the message from being sent.   E-mail
Course Builders receive an Access Denied Error when creating or editing graded Discussion Forums.   For the time being, we recommend avoiding the use of the Course Builder role if your course has graded discussion boards.   Discussion Boards
When using the Date Management tool with Chrome, updating multiple dates at once for a single item may cause the start date not to update successfully.   We recommend using Mozilla Firefox with Blackboard Learn.   Date Management

Issues Affecting Students

Description   Workaround/Resolution   Tool
Setting due dates on tests will override the test's availability exceptions (a new feature that allows the instructor to make exceptions in availability for students or groups) if you set the due date option to not allow students to start the test after the due date.   We recommend setting availability dates instead of due dates on tests if exceptions are necessary for the time being.   Assessments
Students are not able to remove unavailable courses in their course list on Learn's login page (My Institution & Courses). These courses have been made unavailable by the professor and appear as greyed out italicized course listings.   Contact the professor to request that they temporarily make the course available again. When the course is made available, the student will be able to hide the course from their list. The professor can then make the course unavailable. You may also file a ticket with or call (330) 672-HELP for assistance in resolving this issue.   Course List
If, for example, an assignment is unavailable, it may not show to students under the My Grades area of the course.   This is functioning as designed by Blackboard, but we have requested an option to allow unavailable gradable items to be shown.    My Grades
If a user clicks on the OK button on a locked thread, they're booted back out of the forum and option to create a New Thread is no longer available.   Logging out, clearing browser cookies and cache, and then logging back in again will bring the New Thread button back.    Discussion Boards
When viewing the rubric in My Grades, students must scroll over to see entire rubric.   Student Workaround: For the time being, users may need to scroll over to the right to see all of the information.   My Grades