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Chair Resources

Publications and Resources

These publications and resources are offered by the year one IDEAL team.  There are additional resources from the ADVANCE website as well as Case Western Reserve University's website.  



ADVANCE Faculty Mentoring Handbook, University of Rhode Island

Mentoring Workshop Annotated Bibliography, University of Arizona

Assessing the Academic Work Environment for Science and Engineering and Social Science Faculty: Gender and Race in Faculty Mentoring, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Women Faculty Mentoring Program, University of Wisconsin



Forum on Diversity (Equity) Scorecard, Kent State University

Increasing Faculty Diversity, Rutgers University New Brunswick

Diversifying the Faculty: A Guidebook for Search Committees Checklist of Best Practices, Rice University

Searching for Excellence and Diversity: A Guide for Search Committee Chairs, University of Wisconsin Madison

Annotated Bibliography on Advancing Women, CUNY Hunter College

Educational Benefits of Diversity, American Association of University Professors

Gender Equity Literature, Brown University

Increasing the Retention and Advancement of Women and Minority Scientists: A Guide for Department Chairs, Brown University

Building Academic Excellence through Gender Equity, American Federation of Teachers

Advancement of Women Through the Academic Ranks: Where are the Leaks in the Pipeline?, Columbia University

Enhancing the Role of Women in Engineering: A Critical Mission for the Future of the United States, Georgia Tech

Raise Your Hand If You're A Woman in Science..., CUNY Hunter College

Faculty Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) at Iowa State University: Investigating the Present and Investigative the Future, Iowa State University

Status of Women, Iowa State University

Gender Equity Whys, Wherefores, Therefores, Kansas State University

Women Engineers in Advance Academic Positions WEAAP: Effecting Change in Higher Education, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Making a Case for Diversity in STEM Fields, Inside Higher Ed

Institutional Transformation and the Advancement of Women Faculty: The Case of Academic Science and Engineering, Springer Link

Assessing the Environment for Faculty of Color in Science and Engineering, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

ADVANCE Diversity Accomplishment Overview, Utah State University

The Gender Gap on Service, News: Inside Higher Ed

Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute, University of Wisconsin- Madison


Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion

Power, Leadership, and Politics, CUNY Hunter College

Recruiting Female Faculty Members in Science and Engineering: Preliminary Evaluation of One Intervention Model, University of Michigan Ann Arbor



A Good Place to Do Science: A Case Study of an Academic Science Department, Case Western Reserve University