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HR Learning Materials

On this page you have access to archived learning materials on a variety of topics.  New materials will be posted periodically so please stop back.

Banner Leave Reporting
Watch these short tutorials to learn how unclassified employees and faculty should submit leave through Banner's leave reporting feature.

How to enter multiple days off   (UPDATED)   (pdf)

How to approve leave for your staff   (UPDATED)   (pdf)

How to submit your leave    (UPDATED)   (pdf)

Webinar - Hiring For Excellence  (NEW)
Ever have a question about the Kent State hiring process? This sixty minute webinar (originally broadcast 2/11/14) is your chance to get answers as several Talent Acquisition members discuss steps to the hiring process, including necessary forms, interviewing guidance and more.

Webinar - Communication Effectiveness  (NEW)
This sixty minute webinar (originally broadcast 12/10/13)
offers advice to create the best climate for communicating through exploring the seven competencies of the communication process.

Webinar - Assessing and Improving The Performance of Others  (UPDATED)
This sixty minute webinar from HR (originally broadcast on 2/27/2014) explores the concept of performance management and provides some tactics you can use to successfully evaluate and direct your employee's performance.

Webinar - Employment Law: Title VII and Legal Interview Questions  (NEW)
This sixty minute webinar (originally broadcast on 1/16/14) provides a basic understanding of the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1964) and general tips to keeping your interviewing questions legal.

Webinar - Home Run Customer Care  (UPDATED)
Watch this sixty minute webinar from HR (originally broadcast on 12/16/2014) to discover how to continuously create a professional first impression with customers in person or over the phone. You have the choice to hit a home run every time. What's stopping you?

Webinar - Communicating Across Generations   (UPDATED)
Watch this sixty minute webinar from HR (originally broadcast on 2/26/2014) to gain knowledge of the four generations in the workplace, that will help you interact more effectively.

Webinar - Dealing with Difficult Behaviors in the Workplace  (UPDATED)
This sixty minute webinar (originally broadcast on 5/14/2014) focuses on identifying and addressing the seven most common difficult behaviors.

Webinar - Employment Law Essentials for Managers
This webinar (originally broadcast on 9/19/2011) is designed to give managers the fundamental understanding of laws that impact employment.

Webinar - Completing the PRA Process  (UPDATED)

This thirty minute video tutorial features Talent Acquisition team members guiding you step-by-step to successfully complete a Position Request Authorization (PRA).

Webinar - How to Make a Job Offer
A Human Resources staff member will explain how you can go about making a job offer that you know will get accepted. This webinar covers common mistakes to avoid and how to identify red flags during the interview process.

Webinar - Listening with Purpose (UPDATED)
This sixty minute webinar (broadcast on 4/9/2014) provides insight into the 5 listening approaches.

Webinar - Diversity Includes Everyone  (NEW)
This sixty minute webinar (broadcast 7/15/2014) explores fundamental diversity concepts. Participants will develop an understanding of why differences should be valued and why we should value uniqueness and commonalitites both locally and on a global level.

Webinar - Managing Your Online Files (NEW)
This webinar (broadcast 11/4/2014) examines tools to promote the organization of your electronic files, create consistency of file management among teams and how to increase workplace efficiency by implementing a system for information management.

Webinar - Time-Wise (Updated)
This sixty minute webinar (originally broadcast on 12/4/2014) discusses practical advice from the Time Mastery concept, which looks at 12 categories that impact a productive use of time.