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How do I find out about University Policies?

A collection of university policies and procedures most frequently affecting students is contained in the Digest of Rules and Regulations. The complete text of all university policies can be found in the University Policy Register

The Code of Student Conduct translates these expectations into specific policies and describes the process through which claims of violations are resolved. Each student is responsible for knowing and abiding by the terms of the code. The full text is available in the Digest of Rules and Regulations:

Additional rules and regulations pertaining to residence hall living are included in the Hallways Handbook.

What is the Office of Student Conduct?

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for the adjudication of cases involving students who are accused of violating campus rules, regulations, or policies; federal or state laws; and/or municipality ordinances. The University's student conduct-related goals are: to provide students with due process; to make students aware of and able to reasonably navigate through the conduct process; to have students accept responsibility for their actions when it is warranted; and to apply sanctions designed to assist students in their pursuit of excellence in both the classroom and the community.

To learn about the process of campus adjudication, go here.

Where can I eat on campus?

When you live on campus, your dining choices are limited only by your imagination. There's sushi and fast food, quick dining and a sit-down restaurant, coffee carts and national chains.

Your key to accessing all of those options is the FLASHcard. Your FLASHcard acts as your student identification, meal card and debit card.

Campus Dining Quick Facts

  • Twenty-four on-campus restaurants, dining halls and coffee carts are accessible to students with their FLASHcards.
  • Your FLASHcard is also accepted for some meals and services off campus in the Kent community, such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut and more.
  • First- and second-year students are required to purchase a dining plan per semester.

Read more about the delicious dining options available on campus.

Dining Costs

Dining plan prices are based on your individual needs, eating habits and lifestyle. See what plan works best for you.

Where can I park and how do I pay a parking ticket?

You need a parking permit to park on campus. If you are a Freshman (30 credit hours or less), you can only park in the Stadium parking lot.

To purchase a permit, pay your parking ticket or file a grievance visit the Parking Services office in 123 Michael Schwartz or go online to

To check out the Parking map, go to

What is Student Accessibility Services?

The mission of Student Accessibility Services is to provide equal access to educational opportunities for qualified students with disabilities attending Kent State University. Although a student may be eligible for services, specific accommodations are not extended by Student Accessibility Services unless they are requested. To learn more, visit the website.

What is the Women's Center?

The Women's Center advocates for the prevention of violence against women, provides resources in women's studies, provides information about scholarships for women, provides resources on women's health issues, and provides a variety of diversity, feminism and crisis intervention resources.

The Kent State University Women's Center exists to facilitate the advancement and to enhance the quality of educational experience and professional life for women students, faculty and staff of all campuses. For more information about this resource and its services, visit