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Allerton Student and Family Housing policies


You and your visitor must abide by state laws and/or university policy referring to alcohol use and possession. No open containers of alcohol are permitted in public areas, parking lots or laundry rooms. Those individuals found in violation of state law and/or university policy will be subject to disciplinary action.


Due to the maintenance and sanitation problems that pets create, they are not permitted at Allerton. The only exception to this is fish. Fish tank capacities may not exceed 30 gallons.


Alterations to the apartment, either interior or exterior, are not permitted. You will be charged for all painting, maintenance and custodial costs required to bring the apartment back to its original condition. You are prohibited from making repairs or alterations to the apartment including:
  • Installing additional locks.
  • Using nails, tacks or bolts to hang items from the walls, ceiling, cabinets or doors.
  • Using adhesive materials that cannot be easily removed from the walls, windows or doors.
  • Altering the electrical wiring.
  • Installing shades, blinds or awnings other than those installed by management.
  • Altering plumbing or heating elements.
  • Painting the walls with a color that requires more than one coat of paint to return the walls to the original condition.


The Allerton Computer lab is for study purposes only. Children are not permitted in the lab unless they are accompanied by an adult. Individuals who violate this policy will lose access to this room.


Each building has been provided with conveniently located coin-operated laundry machines. The university does not assume responsibility for the security of your personal belongings while in the facility. You are expected to be considerate of your neighbors by removing clothes promptly from the machines once they have stopped and by placing empty detergent bottles and boxes and used dryer sheets in the trash can. Children are not permitted to use the laundry room as a play area. You are not permitted to use or install washers and dryers in your apartments. Outdoor clotheslines are not permitted nor should items be hung over the porch railing to dry.


A small storage space is provided with every apartment. There is one storage room located in each building. The locker room aisles should be kept clean and accessible. Items left in the aisles will be removed and disposed of. You may not use any other storage locker aside from the one you have been assigned.


Because you are living in a community environment, it is expected that you will be considerate of your fellow students and neighbors. Although what is considered loud is subjective, you need to realize that noise that can be heard outside of your apartment may be considered disruptive or disturbing to other residents or staff. Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day throughout the year. Quiet hours are in effect from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. every night. These times are subject to change and will be modified as needed. As responsible community members, you are encouraged to initially address issues/problems that directly affect you. However, if this does not resolve the problem, please contact the Allerton staff for assistance.


Persons other than those on the lease or authorized and on record with the Allerton office may not occupy the premises on a permanent basis. You may have occasional overnight and weekend guests. If extenuating circumstances arise that require a guest to stay for longer than seven days, the host resident is required to contact the Allerton office to explain the circumstances and obtain permission. You are responsible for the actions of your guests/visitors.


A select number of apartments have been renovated to accommodate persons with disabilities. Should a situation arise in which these apartments become vacant, they may be rented to other students.


Residents are not permitted to sublet the apartments.


Transfers between apartments will be granted only for medical reasons. Appropriate documentation must support any medical related request for a transfer.