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Laundry Services
Laundry Services

Laundry Service

Kent State University is currently contracted with ASI Campus Laundry. Each residence hall is equipped with high-efficiency 20 lb. capacity washing and drying machines. Each wash cycle costs $2.50 with no additional charge for drying.

There is no need to constantly make change for quarters, as the campus laundry machines are activated with the ASI Laundry Smart Card system. Similar to a laundry machine debit card, each incoming student will be issued an ASI Laundry Smart Card at check-in. To add value to their Smart Card, students have two options – add value with cash, or add value with a credit/debit card:

To Add Smart Card Value with Cash:

Students may place a desired cash value ($1, $5, $10, $20 increments) on their Smart Card by using the Value Transfer Machines (VTM). To add value using cash, please visit one of the Value Transfer Machines available at the following locations:

  • Allerton Apartments
  • Centennial Court A Laundry Room
  • Centennial Court C Laundry Room
  • Centennial Court E Laundry Room
  • Dunbar Hall
  • Fletcher/Manchester Lobby
  • Stopher Hall
  • Tri-Towers Rotunda
  • Twin Towers Lobby
  • Verder Hall

To Add Smart Card Value with Credit/Debit Card:

Students may also add value to their ASI Laundry Smart Card via an online credit/debit card payment.   To add value with a credit/debit card students should:


  • Create your personal account profile and login at
  • Add your Smart Card to your profile (identified by serial number on back of card).
  • Find and assign your preferred Credit Value Adding (CVA) location on campus. NOTE: Your revalue code can ONLY be activated at the CVA location you indicate. The five available CVA locations are coded with the following ID Numbers:  

                  Stopher Hall = 382
                  Dunbar Hall = 383
                  Tri Towers Rotunda = 384
                  Fletcher/Manchester Lobby = 385
                  Twin Towers Lobby = 386

  • Make your online payment. Receive your revalue code by email or text message. The maximum value allowed on the card is $99.


  • At your selected Coded Value Adder (CVA), insert your Smart Card.
  • Use the keypad to enter the ten-digit revalue code that you just purchased (and received via email or text message).
  • Once the revalue code is entered correctly, the display will show your new Smart Card balance.
  • NOTE:  Your Smart Card revalue code will expire after 30 days from date of purchase. Once placed on the Smart Card, your card value does not expire.

Washing Machine instructions

  • The charge is $2.50 per load.
  • Load clothes into the washing machine.  Add soap, bleach, and fabric softener into the drawer at the front of the machine. NOTE: ONLY 1/4 CUP or less of liquid soap is needed.
  • Close the door. Front load washers will lock once the machine starts and cannot reopen until wash cycle is complete.
  • Insert your Smart Card (with the gold chip facing up). The balance will be visible.
  • Select wash cycle and press the button. The new Smart Card balance will now appear and the machine will start. Remove your card when prompted to do so.

Dryer Machine instructions

  • No additional charge is collected from your Smart Card for drying cycles.
  • Select an available dryer and clean the lint screen.
  • Place clothes loosely into the dryer and select the cycle.
  • Press the start button.