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Guidelines and Timeline

Academic Program Review Guidelines



  1. Notification:  In January, the appropriate deans and department chairs/school directors are notified if their programs are to be reviewed.
  2. Selection of Review Committee:  The review committee will consist of three external reviewers and two KSU faculty members. Names of potential external reviewers are due to the Dean of Graduate Studies (DGS) by March 15. The external reviewers should be experts in the discipline being reviewed, senior in rank, have experience in administration and should have no professional or personal conflict of interest with the unit under review or members of its faculty.  The review committee will be selected by the Assistant Provost for Accreditation, Assessment and Learning (APAAL), the DGS and the academic college dean.
  3. Self-Study Report:  The self-study report will be prepared by the department/school faculty and chair/director. If an academic program is accredited by an outside body, the most recent accreditation report may be submitted along with, but not in lieu of, the self-study report. The self-study is due to the DGS by June 1. The report will be provided to the review committee, the academic college dean, the APAAL and the Provost. PLEASE SUBMIT THE SELF STUDY ELECTRONICALLY.
  4. Review Committee Report:  Reviewers will be provided with the self-study report. The review committee report is due to the DGS within four weeks after the review is conducted. The report is provided to the Provost, APAAL, academic college dean and the department chair/school director.
  5. Department/School Response:  The department/school has the option to prepare a document in response to the Review Committee Report. The purpose of the response document is to correct factual errors or errors of interpretation.  The response document is due to the DGS within two weeks after the review committee report is received. The document will be provided to the Provost, APAAL and the academic college dean.
  6. Action Plan Meeting:  The department chair/school director, after consultation with appropriate faculty bodies, completes the Preliminary Action Plan based on suggestions and recommendations from the Review Committee Report. The Preliminary Action Plan should include specific action items to be completed over the next two years; action items should be prioritized and each item should specify measures and performance standards, as well as an estimated completion date.  The Preliminary Action Plan should be submitted to the academic college dean, APAAL and DGS at least one week prior to the Action Plan Meeting. The Action Plan Meeting will include the APAAL, DGS, academic college dean and department chair/school director. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the Review Committee Report and agree upon a final action plan.
  7. Action Plan Report:  The final Action Plan Report is due to the DGS within one month after the Action Plan Meeting. The DGS will format the report for submission to OBR, and forward to the academic college dean, APAAL and the Provost for approval and signature.  A copy of the signed action plan document will be sent to the department chair/school director and will be electronically filed in the Division of Graduate Studies.  The DGS is responsible for notifying OBR when the review has been completed.  
  8. Update Report:  Two years after the conclusion of the review, the department/school will submit to the APAAL, DGS and academic college dean a report on progress made on each item identified in the Action Plan. A second Update Report may be requested at a later date if insufficient progress has been made.  



Review Timeline